Singaporean tied to Tokyo Olympics bid charged in court


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I wondered when or if this story appeared again.

Many people in "places" wanted this to dis-appear and probably had a good chance to with the behind scenes seats of power, including the almighty Dentsu, Egg-on-it's-face-and-we-don't-want-anymore-scandal-IOC and of course the head of the Japan Olympic & bid committee no other than Tsunekazu Takeda the great grandson of Emperor Meiji (now that lineage will certainly carry weight here).

But I guess the Singaporean police are not so easily swayed - although for sure, somebodies will take the fall for this, and it won't be any of the above, that's for certain.

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It's obvious without being in the know that bribes are widespread in every facet of business - Olympic bids included.

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This is very regrettable. I'm still waiting to hear from Mr Takeda what work this guy performed for the S$2.8 million they paid him. There is no evidence of him having done anything other than bribe IOC members, in which case Mr Takeda should also be charged with bribery. But as this is Japan there is zero chance of that.

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go france! go abe.

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Nice headline, shouldn't it be "Tokyo involved in corrupt Olympics bid"?

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But I guess the Singaporean police are not so easily swayed

They didn't do a brilliant job with the recent Keppel bribery scandal. Not that anyone in their right mind would expect them to; Keppel is 20% owned by Temasek Holdings, effectively Singapore's sovereign wealth fund. The CEO and Executive Director of Temasek is Ho Ching, who is also not at all coincidentally the wife of the current PM-for-life, Lee Hsien Loong.

In reality, the Singapore police (and judiciary) can be swayed very easily indeed, and the above is a nice illustration of how Singapore works. It's a country with a ruling family.

There's a neat irony in the fact that the fine, part of a 3-country US-driven agreement imposed on Keppel, will include a payment to Singapore (25% of the $442 million total).

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I wonder if this is the "Asian values" snake oil that self-righteous Singaporean leader once tried to sell to the world.

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wipeout: I'm sure Lee Hsien Loong will step down as PM as soon as his equally talented son is old enough to take over. It's a kind of miracle that the same family has all these fantastic people who got where they are entirely on merit (and they will sue anyone who says otherwise).

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Won't hurt those who already got the bid -- they are laughing all the way to their own bank accounts. They don't give one iota about this guy.

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