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Skeletal remains found in suitcase near river in Aichi Pref


Police in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, are investigating the discovery of skeletal remains which were found in a suitcase on a river embankment on Wednesday.

According to police, a workman cutting long grass along the Yahagifuru River at around 1:30 p.m. spotted the red suitcase about 10 meters down an embankment from a road, Fuji TV reported. He noticed a foul odor coming from the suitcase and called 110.

Police said the suitcase, which measured 70 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm, was locked and had to be pried open. Inside were human skeletal remains. Police suspect the suitcase was tossed from a vehicle down the embankment.

Police said they found an ID card on the remains, identifying the victim as a 37-year-old Chinese woman who had been missing since July. The woman, who has been to Japan many times since last year, entered Japan most recently in June on a short-term visa.

Editor's note: Story has been updated to show that the remains are believed to be that of a missing Chinese woman.

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They’ve also found an ID of a Chinese woman who had been reported missing.

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Wow, that little tidbit was left out, thanks Educator.

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What kind of suitcase?

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