Skeletonized body found in Kawasaki building


Police have launched an investigation after a skeletonized body was found in a building in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.

According to police, the owner of a multi-tenant building in Aso Ward contacted authorities on Wednesday, reporting that he saw “something that looked like human bones” in the basement of his property after drainage work was completed. Fuji TV reported that police found the fully skeletonized body, together with some clothes left near it.

There were no identification documents anywhere near the body, police said. Authorities are currently conducting a forensic investigation to determine the sex, age and identity of the body.

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Skeletons in the basement! I checked the roof cavity of my apartment when I moved in. I don't have a basement.

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How gruesome...

True, there are not many houses with basements in Japan, wewould have loved to have had one - minus any skeletons !

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every so often these articles pop up...

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whoah scary

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It's very sad to be so alone and haven't no grave for own bones

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A "fully skeletonised body", eh?

That'll be a skeleton.

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While waiting for files to upload, I have some time to speculate....

a multi-tenant building

Apartment building? They're saying basement, but perhaps the space under the ground floor, that might normally be filled with rubble.

after drainage work was completed

Perhaps they cleared out the rubble while fixing the drainage and found the body.

So perhaps buried at the time of construction (not an unfamiliar tale), or Professor Plum in the basement with the backhoe.

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