Slain reporter's partner urges Syria to investigate her death


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Uh, huh. So the govt of Syria is going to drop everything and check out the claim. Right. Send in the Keystones, maybe they can find the evidence.

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(when you call the Siryan Embassy) Thank you for calling La casa d' Assad incorporated, we are currently fighting a civil war and can't answer the phone at this time. If you feel your rights have been violated or a loved one has been lost in the war, leave you message after the beep. Due to large amount of claims, we again cannot return your phone call or investigate any claims at this time (or ever!) BEEP

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Overnight everyone in Japan learned that Syria exists.

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reporter goes into a well known war zone by hr own will, gets shot and people think and investigation should be held? Yes, they'll stop fighting so Japan can figure it all out. The ego knows no boundaries in this country. Unreal.

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Slain reporter's partner urges Syria to investigate her death

Sure...we will just put that down the bottom of the humungous pile with all the other investigations of death during the civil war. Oh and by the leaders have been urging Syria to cease the bloodshed since it began and they aren't listening to them......why would they listen to you?? I agree with tmarie above.

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Slain reporter's partner urges Syria to investigate her death

What planet are these people living on...? Or is this a Typical Japanese Mentality thing...? She went to a WAR ZONE... There are NO RULES... It's Dangerous, People Die ALL THE TIME...

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Kazutaka Sato. Just one or three question if you are willing to answer honestly. (1) are you so sure it's the gov't forces or supporters of Syria Assad shot Mika Yamamoto? (2) you are reported hiding inside the five storey building. (3) So how can u so sure it is the forces of Assad killed Mika Yamamoto?

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If she was traveling with the rebels how could the Syrian army know her exact whereabouts?

In the video she arrived by van at a particular location and then a minute later she was dead. So how could the Syrian Army have known that she would have been at that particular location at that time and how did the army dispatch a unit so quickly to shoot her?

I wonder who really shot her.

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Having entered the warzone knowing what the risks would be, I would tend to have less sympathy. Having said that, if it was my wife, I would like the husband want to know what happened and be outraged.

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That is pathetic. The Syrian government has other things to do now that "investigate" the fate of a foreign reporter who was travelling with Sunni jihadist insurgents involved in a rebellion. Did the reporter even get a visa to enter the country in the first place?

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all hail the united nations, yay, from rwanda to syria ... always an exquisite job

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Send him in there with a badge to carry It out

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"She became a well-known face on Japanese television after surviving a U.S. tank shelling on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad in 2003 in which two journalists, one from Reuters and one from a Spanish broadcaster, were killed..."

Wow. I am really sorry that she was ambushed by those gunmen but that 2003 report would have been my last broadcast.

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Condolences to his family but he is Clueless. The Government has no reason to kill Western Journalists in particular.

There are thousands and thousands of foreign fighters/"Rebels"/Terrorists that are being funneled in through the Borders for Washington's "Regime Change" It is out in the open. Fighters from Lybia have been rehired by London,Washington and Paris for the same that they did to Gadaffi.

Syria was okay until outside forces decided to meddle militarily in Syria with strong backing by the "WEST"

In the letter, Sato said: “If your country shoots journalists who report things it finds unfavorable, it is an outrageous act threatening the freedom of the press, which can never be forgiven internationally.”

It really looks like he has been talking to the US State Department who are itching to "bombs away".

"The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says more than 26,000 people have been killed in Syria since the revolt began in March last year—more than two-thirds of them civilians." Any death is sad but this observatory is based in London created by the those that planned this "Regime Change".

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why people killed each other for what reason?ambition,pride no need

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