Sony chief thanks supporters after cyberattack


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More propaganda.

Every computer security expert, not some, who has looked into the sordid affair has said it was an inside job. The data was downloaded at USB2.0 speed because it was dumped to a USB Drive, not an outside hack.

More lying liars telling lies.

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Sony has greatly profited from the digital revolution that allowed it to get hacked. You can't have it both ways.

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Much better for Sony to vaguely back up the idea that North Korea did it because it makes then seem an innocent target. Any other scenario just makes them look incompetent.

Notice the previous hackings are not mentioned. Sony knows just as the U.S. government knows that people have very short memories and foolish faith in authority.

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“Annie is a great movie as well,” he said.

I laughed when I read the above sentence, wondering why it was in the article and what it had to do with this topic.

On second thought, however, I guess CEO Hirai was walking on eggshells with this one, and felt that he shouldn't plug the movie directly. Thus the indirect inference: "Annie is a great movie as well [as The Interview]."

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It is a PR tricks to imply the whole world was behind SONY. So far there are no evidences at all where the attack came from just suspicion btw....

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I saw it on boxing day, just to see what all the fuss was about. Big disappointment TBH. All the funny bits are in the trailer - just watch that! Most of it was just plain silly. NK (if indeed it even was them) have got their knickers in a twist over a really stupid movie.

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What a hypocritical tool. One of the hacked emails showed this clown begged Sony Pictures in Hollywood to pull the movie completely because he was worried it would affect the Japanese kidnapped to North Korea. What a gutless wonder.

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Sony chief thanks supporters after cyberattack

...all three of them.

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What a gutless wonder.

I was thinking King Wafflemeister myself.

I don't think its about principles with this guy, but rather money, and a bad image will harm profits.

Of course adherence to principles dictates this movie never got made, but, the only principle some people know of is the freedom of speech. Decency is so passe.

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I watched the movie with my family. There were some funny parts but it wasn't my favorite movie. A lot of unnecessary language and content

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