Sony asks FBI to probe PlayStation Network data breach


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small business is another eventual victim of this kind of attack. Most PSN account holder's will not loose any money as the credit card companies will refund for fraud, in the long run the stolen credit cards if used for fraud will only hurt small business. The hackers think they are attacking corporations and justify their hacks somehow, hackers should be put in the same pot of boiling oil with those that send spam.

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Will Sony pay for the FBI investigation? After all it was their supposedly secure network that was breached. I think Sony needs to do more than a "basic review" to prevent this from happening again. As a PSN account holder I am very disappointed with how Sony has managed this event. I think I will be using my Microsoft 360 more. Thank goodness we have alternatives. I just hope the people over in Redmond are doing more than a basic review of their security.

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The data center is located in California and is under FBI jurisdiction. It is FBI's duty to lead the investigation.

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Thanks for pointing out the information in the article. Yes the breach happen in California but the network is owned by Sony. It was Sony's responsibility or "duty" to have strong security which is a reasonable expectation of a costumer. You are correct to say that it is the FBI's duty to see if Sony was negligent and also hopefully catch the hacker(s). I guess I along with many million other users are very very frustrated and disappointed with Sony. Stone faced apologies and bows only go so far.

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@ StradV

FBI's duties are to apprehend the perpetrators, not to find wrong if Sony can be found of negligence. Sony was the victim not the offender. Get that in your head.

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You could have all the security in the world for your house, but if somebody drives their truck into your living room and makes way with your notepc with sensitive data on it, your still going to expect the FBI to help look for the perpetrators. Sony is the victim regardless of any negligence on the level of security. That is another matter for the courts.

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