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Sony faces another hack attack


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South Korean institutions have come under cyber attack from North Korea recently.

You have to wonder whether Japanese companies are coming into their sights.

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dang sony, upgrade your infrastructure; or stop whatever you are doing that pissed off hackers so much.

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Hackers are gaining in strength as more info, etc becomes available.

And most is given away freely in public vie cel-phone, etc conversations.

Know a guy that recorded details of a guy in front of him on a long-distance train guy was on the cel and that included FULL family details, address, car-type, account-info, etc.

He gave him the list when they got off the train. He basically had all personal details sans the Pin-codes(easy to break). That was in the UK.

Studies have shown for decades that most online break-ins are based on insider info or done by insiders.

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Some jerks must hold a strong grudge against Sony. I wonder what kind of satisfaction these cowardly idiots get from their actions.

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Theres conspiracy spreading online, that the hacker was a former Microsoft employee paid from Microsoft to hack into Sony, due to the Xbox 360 competition of online subscribers

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the hacker was a former Microsoft employee paid from Microsoft to hack into Sony, due to the Xbox 360 competition of online subscribers

yeah....that's er, rubbish.

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This just shows that Sony doesn't put much stock into information securities, Microsoft and such have 100s which only focus on that. To the hackers this is sport but 10,000 attempts tell me that this could be some rookie trying to gain cred, which seems absurd since why would you risk it for such a paltry sum of money, surely there are richer targets out there. The question I have is, does Japan even have laws against hacking? In the states its only a felony if you use the information obtained for another illegal act such as id theft, extortion, and so on.

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Zenny11 "Know a guy that recorded details of a guy" no you don't ..but if there were a shred of truth to this story that guy would have had his face promptly smashed in...but this is pure fantasy so no reason to get worked up...nobody has any reason to give our the kind of information you listed.

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Want the link to where the guy a BRITISH LAWYER posted about it online? Don't call people a name unless YOU got all the details.

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I agree with Zenny on this one.

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RoninGaijin must be living in his own virtual world where hackers are unknown of. I hope that Sony can resolve this issue soon.

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