Sony hackers reference 9/11 in new threats against theaters


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Why do I have a feeling it is a bunch of nerds sitting on their laptops in their dorm? Like, hey, let's try something fun for the upcoming movie.

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Most hackers are motivated by personal financial gain or societal moral justice. These hackers are definitely extremists like North Korea. Only crazies would compare their wrath to that of 9/11. Not to mention, the threats have a definite NK feel to them. You also notice that we haven't heard much from NK recently since this has been going on.....hmmm.

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All this bad hype about the movie only makes me want to see it even more.

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So... that means that the hackers are not from NK?

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Does G.O.P. mean Gangs of Pyongyang, or guardian of Pyongyang? Allegedly speaking the mafia gangs of Kim's dynasty see themselves as guardian of peace over the mass of brainwashing N. Koreans. N.Korea and Iran have become the hackers heaven after communist China. Kim Jung Un is so afraid that his people find out of his demigod image and poking fun at him as nobody. U.N. must take strong stance against crime against humanity in N.Korea.

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These guys just don't understand this makes people want to see the movie more.

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This is how you promote movie without spending more

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I'm very critical of the Bush administration's handling of Iraq, but when it comes to a basic freedom guaranteed by the Constitution, in this case freedom of speech, I'll quote W.

Bring it on!

And yes, now I'm definately going to see this film. I'd like to see the director's cut featuring the non-toned down assassination scene.

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Rogen and Franco pulled out of all media appearances Tuesday, canceling a Buzzfeed Q&A and Rogen's planned guest spot Thursday on "Late Night With Seth Meyers." The two stars had just appeared Monday on "Good Morning America" and Rogen guested on "The Colbert Report." A representative for Rogen said he had no comment. A spokeswoman for Franco didn't respond to queries Tuesday.

Interesting. The "stars" of this "humorous" assassination movie have gone into hiding but the studio still expects the foolish public to pay to see this movie. The studio needs to recoup it's expenses and would not mind another international incident if it would increase sales. But don't expect the stars to come out of hiding.

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You know Kim Jong-un will watch it with a bucket of KFC and some bimbo on his lap!

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-And the President of the U.S. drew a Red Line in the sand & and decided to air The Simpsons over N.K. for the next ten years!

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