Sony halts 93,000 online accounts after new breach


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deja vu

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yay, more free games as compensation for fing up again.

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Brute force password attack, nothing new, I think sony likes the attention personally.

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Wonderful Japanese IT Professionals not.

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Would be nice if they told us which countries users are affected this time.

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The hardheaded always gotta feel it to believe it. Sony never learns its lesson it seems.

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more free games. too bad so many of these psn games require you to be signed into psn to play them. oh wait its down again lolololol.

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What free games, my account was frozen last time for ages and l got squat from them.

I guess its time Sony got better security though.

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Oh it's just a breach again, there is nothing to worry about, it would be too early to spend money on more advanced security measures and better professionals' salaries. That would disadvantageously affect Sony execs' income and bonus and certainly would flatly be against their employment and management philosophy.

Certainly it will bring down Sony one day but the execs are less worried about it than they might be worried about spending money to do things better, as it would require the employment of talented, highly professionals who understand their jobs and are capable to do things better and take over their position. Not that, not even for God sake. The plan for their personal evacuation in case of Sony's meltdown is already at place and they have enough money to make more out of it, and Sony is just a company, not their sweetheart, they didn't go there to do raise it but to milk it dry. Then the next one can come.

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I hope the authorities catch the evil villains behind this attack against Sony ASAP!! I want to play on my PSP now!!

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Sony IT staff probably know they cant handle hackers but would never say so. People here dont want to be the bearers of bad news in fear of loosing their respect/job.

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Poor Sony!! Love their commercial on YouTube but can't go out and buy PS3 now. Game Over!

Insert Coins - NO!!!

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Sony seems to think that by turning off their network the hackers will stop because they can't play the games or something, Sony has their head up their butt.

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Well from now on any attack on sony is going to be reported. And in this situation Its not really there fault. it sounds like someone got a hold of a bunch of passwords. So the question is, how were the passwords acquired. I have to say that many in the world are still not aware of how to properly protect their email accounts and so on. And with the new social sites people are loosing their minds. Looking at sites like failblog lets you know how often people post stuff that they shouldnt.

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I agree many people still don't secure their passwords.

Talked with son about it yesterday and he was shocked that I knew the passwords his school uses. No hacking anything just knowing PC-users and how they choose their passwords.

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I was never offered free games on any of my psn accounts....

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and my friends wonder why i don't have a PSN acc anymore

i don't trust sony with my personal info, because of stuff like this ' this is what? the second major hack within the last couple months? seriously, they need to figure out they need BETTER security

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My account was working fine all along.

What info of mine do they have if at all?

My address(can be anything besides physical, PO-box, etc)), my e-mail(yeah sure I got multiples and some are reserved for signups like PSN(aka hardly used)), my CC-data(fail, don't have a CC use a pre-paid card for online shopping).

Sure let them empty my "wallet" in the play-station store, usually less than $16 in it unless I am doing a purchase, in which I case I charge it and use it within minutes.

Also often change my login password, did so just after the hacking and before it became public.

So at the worst they get my physical address and name, covered for that happening.

People stop fretting and be wise when using the Net.

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Forgot to add to scare you a little.

Most of the computer break-ins(90+%) are done with insider info and there is NO 100% secure system, as has been shown by attacks over the last year.

Like with anything YOU need to be wise and secure your own personal info, don't trust others to do so.

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