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Sony threatens Twitter with legal action over hack


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Why doesn't Twitter threaten to blow up Sony's studio and maybe Sony will cave in?

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Can everyone else sue Sony for caving to NK's 1950s pantomime?

What about the over 10,000 people who have had personal information stolen through the company's ineptitude - it's happened several times in the last few years alone at Sony. And only 2 people are suing them at present? By cancelling the movie and being forced to do a U-turn, the company has permanently damaged US and world interests of freedom of speech and common sense. If people don't take a stand against woefully incompetent organizations run by morons, then don't expect any change.

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I wouldn't be so quick to criticize Sony. Celebrities use the law to remove hacked photos and personal info from the web. Why isn't Sony entitled to the same due process?

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These documents are all over the net you can download them anywhere, this guy is just stupid to actually post it

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I'm curious, did Sony ask twitter to remove the posts before threatening a lawsuit? Or is this how they respond to the fact that they failed to properly protect their networks and was made a fool of as they coward into submission?

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even as we speak people are making 1000,s of copies of the info thanks to the publicity, sueing Twitter is like trying to close the gate after the horse has bolted. A few threatening emails/bomb threat and Sony will cave in, as weve already seen

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I wouldn't be so quick to criticize Sony. Celebrities use the law to remove hacked photos and personal info from the web. Why isn't Sony entitled to the same due process?

Exactly. The same media outlets that were up in arms in outrage a few weeks ago with the celebrity nudes and mail hacks, seem to have no problem at all with this.

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Probie: And not only that, there was personal medical info leaked. In one case intimate details about a special needs child. Don't see why that's something to gloat about.

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I stilkl don't understand the law in this area. Is Twitter responsible for what people post on their network? Does it make a difference if the materials are available on other sites/networks?

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Typical Sony behavior, trying to sue the Internet rather than focus on running a business.

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How is this Twitter's fault? I think they could send a letter REQUESTING Twitter suspend the account, and if Twitter is feeling magnanimous they might do so out of the kindness of their heart, given that the account is posting questionable content. But threatening to SUE them?? Sue them for what? Sony's inability to put up decent firewalls? Sony's inability to make proper decisions? And in any case, if push comes to shove and Twitter feels Sony is getting a little uppity, someone from Twitter just needs to threaten SPE and they'll bow down again. Disgusting company.

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Twitter responsible for what people post on their network?

Well, if its known there is a problem and its know what account its coming from, they can cancel that person's account and erase their page. They have the power and the knowledge, so they have the responsibility. Of course, that's not really going to stop that person from making a new account is it?

I am sure all trolls are treated likewise as well as those with other illegal posts.

The flip side is that Sony is obviously not doing enough to secure their own networks and are just as open to lawsuits, at least if consistency has any meaning. I suspect that with Sony, it doesn't.

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Try spacex hawthorne ca.

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this is not the first time tweeters are sued in USA there are attorneys who specialize in lawsuit against tweeters,

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Ironic. The whole Sony film thing has been turned into a freedom of speech issue. But Sony evidently does not like freedom of speech. Anyway, the release data is CHRISTMAS DAY? What's with that. A movie about murduring Kim is released on the same day people are celebrating Christmas, about the murder of another person? What is Sony trying to say?

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SONY needs a new business model.

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This is another incorrect title for the article. Sony is not threatening to sue Twitter over the hack, they are threatening to sue Twitter over the posting of Sony's data. Twitter was not the ones who hacked Sony, nor is Sony accusing Twitter of hacking it.

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I think Sony employees used multi tera bytes flash drive to copy employees data. Not like time when so many floppy diskettes are needed. We used to call this kind of action stealing data, copying a whole data before personal computers appeared. But this kind of actions are defined hacking now. After hacked, they can save in their computer and copied database can be used whatever hackers want. We used to call this kind action as stealing if data went outside. Npw hacking they call.

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