Sony works for 3rd day to restore PlayStation after attack


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Sony has little understanding of software and IT, they make create hardware and that is where it ends.

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Note that MS was able to get their XBL working again quite fast while Sony's PSN is still struggling... About time for them to start buffing up their IT now right? Or are they still going to be stupid about it?

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You would think they''d be prepared especially with the experience from 2011 attack. That one was down close to a month.

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Serves them right after making films about killing people.

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Hackers may be doing these people a service. Maybe some of these gamers will discover other persutes away from their consols - such as leaving their bedrooms.

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It is enormous the differents between apple and micro soft of these events.

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"Note that MS was able to get their XBL working again quite fast"

There are reports that the Xbox network restoration was due to intervention by Kim Dotcom and not Microsoft's actions. He apparently "paid" Lizard Squad in the form of free storage vouchers because he wanted to play a game (reported on The Register). Hard to believe perhaps, but then I have trouble believing people want to play online games at all.

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Sony isn't enough software/IT company

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SONY could be planning to massive DVD market than Playstation release. SONY P is just business entity, not tech company. Or release to its TV program station operator customers with big commission? Which one is more profittable?

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well ,Sony has twice the customers than Microsoft ( MS 43 Mil sony 110 Mil), Sony took more of the brunt of the DDOS attacks which meant they had to increase their server load to take on increased ip hit ( all those fake hits a thousand times a second saying :sign me in:). on the back of that DDOS attack is the payload- the secondary hack all hack gangs do - hoping to find a server that has crashed and is in the middle of rebooting.- so they are checking each server prior to letting it go on-line.

Software security done correctly is not fast or easy, it is not a few key clicks and you are done. So yeah Sony is taking longer, will probably be free of any virus, but would rather triple check than release a server that could be infected.

anymore listening to dweebs who do not read up on simple network security, the cost to maintain or what goes into DDOS or other hacks is very frustrating. the cost run here is not a few hundred bucks , you want to know what eats into sony's bottom line? this does....

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This is one of the many reasons I game with a PC.

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I hear the makers of eyedrops love PlayStation and other video games.

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As many times as this has happened you'd think Sony would be prepared for just about anything.

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At least they know know where they need to spend money on Cyber security. Good time for major overhall & added protection.

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@ albaleo - it's not hard to believe that Kim dotcom intervened and paid lizard squad off so that he could play a game.

He was the world's number one ranked call of duty player until his arrest.

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"Sony declined to say how many of PSN’s 56 millions users had been affected by the attack."

For one, they should increase their number of servers. Another time the game servers were attacked:

"Microsoft also came under a sort of attack from the same hackers who attacked PSN. Those same hackers commented that the Xbox servers appeared harder to take down due to the number of unique servers being greater than the PSN servers."

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As much as I think Sony needs to up their security game, these "hackers" need to be made an example of. Make their lives uncomfortable with some hard prison time to preclude other's from doing this.

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