Special branch: Poignant plea after bonsai burglary

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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Way to up the value for the thieves.

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400 years, man that tree has survived several wars, only to die to the greed of a thief.

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It is likely en route to a wealthy Chinese collector. Unforgivable.

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What a kind person to say to take care of the bonsai, good heart, good people are a rarity on earth.

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Bonsai are deformed monstrosities squeezed into tiny, twisted shapes through years of deliberate torture.

They give me the creeps.

Poor trees. They deserve to be able to spread their roots and branches far and wide, and to be part of the wider environment, not crammed into a tiny little choking pot and mangled into unnatural shapes.

the couple had raised the bonsai trees "like our children".

I know they mean well, but those twisted, ugly branches are the equivalent of Chinese 'lotus feet'. You wouldn't do that to a child....

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I hope that this case can make Seiji Iimura and bonsai cultivators in Japan and around the world learn how to prevent future bonsai theft. Perhaps, one could insert a GPS chip somewhere inside the valuable tree like the way South African rangers installed these devices in endangered rhinos's horns (See

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