Sri Lankan man arrested for arranging fake marriage with Japanese woman


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Marriage for money, you don’t even know when it’s fake anymore...

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They must be really strapped for cash to go for such a low amount. Not even a month's salary.

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It depends where you work but average Taro or Yuki make 200 000 yen per month. Especially when it comes to that fresh graduate.

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Blimey, those women took a huge risk for very little money.

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Like in the USA lots of people in Japan just barely getting by now-a-days. Wealth is concentrating in fewer and fewer hands while millions go without. The LDP represents the wealth so do not expect things to get better, no they will get worse for many Japanese and women in particular.

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What is the difference with marrying for money. Fake love?

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These scammers affect all genuine spouse visa holders. Application will become more complicated.

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How about arresting company president for making trainee work for cheap labor. Fake system right?

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That Japanese man should be jailed for doing anti-national stuff for money.

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Sri Lankan man arrested for arranging fake marriage with Japanese woman

Hope they'll suffer inconvenience from committing another crime. Having said that, that would not be the case. :‑(

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The pair are suspected of paying five Japanese women between 100,000 yen and 400,000 yen to marry Sri Lankan men

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeee! These women can marry me for FREE!

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And it's not only that 400 000 they got from the guy.

Its also 600 000 yen for newly wed couples.

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Why doesn't the story mention arrests or charges against the Japanese women, who knowingly agreed, allegedly, to take direct part in an illegal scam?

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The marriage itself might have been a sham, but how do you file false documents? Are they saying the docs were evidence of a crime?

It's not clear in the article. I'm assuming they were formally married, i.e. the marriage was registered at the local city office. But my memory of getting a spouse visa (a little hazy) is that it involved far more proof of marriage than just a marriage certificate. Wedding photos, statements from employees, etc. Basically stuff to show it was a genuine marriage and not just one of convenience. So probably he faked such supporting documents. I think that would class as a crime.

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Fake documents, fake spouse, fake love, fake boobs, fake marriage

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From now on all international marriages in Japan will have to be consummated at the ward office in front of inspectors.

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Either way, when you marry you pay, but for one to two months salary 100,000 yen to 400,000, they thought whats love gotta do with it?

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Question, if the women agreed to marry how is it fake. Some people marry for convenience and love has nothing to do with it. Its like renting a bf or gf and deciding it was a cheap date.

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One thing I've notice on many of these JT crime stories, is that the arrest happens a long time after the offense. In this case, it was October of 2019 to now. Is there only one investigator working in Chiba Prefecture and he finally got around to this? Or was this like the Canadian Mounties, who will "always get their man" through dogged persistence?

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