Stolen money via Japan Post account breaches rises to ¥60 mil


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Someone tell me again how private corporations are so much better than public entities.

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Electronic commerce is leading to more criminal fraud. I am bombarded by emails and pop-ups urging me to join this or that cashless payment site-I never will...

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The stolen money was transferred to unauthorized accounts of Japan Post Bank and MUFJ Bank, opened by someone using fake identification.

I don't see how that is possible at least being a US foreigner as JP and other banks makes it nearly to almost impossible without a massive and extensive background to prove you are who you are.

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I'm so glad I've stuck with using cash. I've always been a skeptic of electronic payment or any form of cashless service. There has always been that element of misuse. Yes, carrying cash in your own wallets can seem cumbersome to some people, but I've never had problem, and I like knowing exactly how much I have and how much I'm spending.

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Well, time to put my money back under my mattress!

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