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Stolen taxi used in robberies in Osaka


A stolen taxi was used in two robberies in Osaka on Thursday, police said. According to investigations, a man broke into a parked taxi and drove it away just before 1 p.m. in Kita Ward. The vehicle was discovered an hour later in the parking lot of an apartment building about one kilometer from where it was stolen.

During that hour, a female school student reported her bag stolen containing 7,000 yen by a man driving a taxi, and another woman had her bag stolen, sustaining a minor injury to her arm during the scuffle. According to eyewitnesses, the taxi at both locations was black and had the same license plate number as the stolen vehicle.

The taxi was stolen while the driver, 44, was in the restroom. The carjacker is reportedly 25-30 years old and about 175 cm tall. About 30,000 yen was stolen from inside the taxi and fire extinguisher residue was spread inside the vehicle.

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So the perp thought spraying the extinguisher would hide his prints. Classic, japan is really starting to turn into a "Safe" place.

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Nevertheless, I bet he paid the fare on the meter before he abandoned the car.

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I hate when people say Japan is becoming oh-so-dangerous! Yeah, I feel perfectly safe walking the streets at night... would I feel this in south-central Los Angeles? No. Crime can never be at '0' b/c of human nature. Period.

That being said these 2 females got their purses stolen but were they shanked in addition to getting their purses stolen? No. It could have been much worse. Also, the guy didn't kill the cabbie to steal his ride.

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