Stone thrown at windshield of car on expressway in Ibaraki


The windshield of a car driving along the Kita-Kanto expressway in Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture, was hit by a stone-like object, police said Friday.

According to police, the object -- about the size of a golf ball -- hit the car and cracked the windshield at around noon on Thursday, Fuji TV reported. Police believe somebody deliberately threw the object from an overpass.

The 67-year-old driver was not injured.

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Dropped, not thrown.

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Jesus. It could have caused a serious accident.

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Some times stones fall out of dump trucks too ...

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Some times stones fall out of dump trucks too ..

Happens quite a lot with dump trucks that carry gravel and not just on the highways either. My wife had the window of her car cracked by a gravel dropping out of one a number of years ago.

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At any rate, good thing not getting injured.

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I think that anybody caught doing this should be charged with attempted murder.

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Or it could have been thrown by another vehicle's tire. It happened to us in the states. Didn't hit the windshield, but put a nice gouge in the roof of our car.

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How did they determine that it had been thrown?

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i think car-rock-throwing was an olympic sport for the bad kids when i was young.

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