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Former execs of stuffed toy maker convicted in Tokyo Olympic bribery case


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So, more and more information about bribery is coming out.

the Sekiguchis were given suspended sentences since they admitted to the charges and expressed remorse for their acts.

That's a slap on the hand. A more appropriate punishment would be for the Olympic Committee to ban Japan for at least 2 Olympics bidding.

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So the people who paid the bribes go unpunished.

And Takahashi, the Dentsu exec who took the bribes (and at least ¥78 million more) has also not been punished.

And Yoshiro Mori, the failed PM who ran the whole scam from top to bottom will never be punished for anything, and feasts nightly at our expense.

Don't you just love Japanese justice?

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Why do these criminals keep getting suspended sentences? (A one-year term suspended for three years - means two years probation after the first year. This is basically just a three-year suspension.)

Corporate crimes here aren't being punished hard enough that's why it just keeps on happening.

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Who's getting stuffed now?

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Another house of card fall down after the Olympic initiator gone.

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@obladi the public as usual coz the elite corrupt fat cats certainly are not.

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Bach’s days are numbered.!.

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How do they express remorse...sorrimasen deshita?

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To get any kind of contract for the Olympics, you have to pay to play. It is simply not possible to participate without bribing Olympics officials. This is why for nearly a century the Olympics was an amateur event and no advertising or sponsorships were allowed.

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So many execs get suspended terms for crimes! I always wondered why weren't these high ranking executives treated as they dealt with "the one that got away"?

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All this did was prove that Japan plays ball with the olympics and that’s good for them. No actually punishment and despite these people being hundreds of millionaire’s, their personal fines were only the equivalent of a few thousand.

the system at its best

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…stuffed toy maker convicted Tokyo Olympic bribery

This Headline takes the whole Gordita!!

Totally crackin me up. Even the soft shoe "former execs" part … Im still ROFL.

What even is this?? The delays, the budgets the round stadiums, The Looters, the games, the suits recruits, paid for free uniforms x tax free labor and now come on down MR stuffed toy makers…


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