Subway train conductor, one other man arrested over Aichi pachinko parlor robbery


Police in Nagoya said Friday they have arrested a 36-year-old man who works as a train conductor and a second man, also 36, on suspicion of robbing a pachinko parlor in Chiryu city, Aichi Prefecture, last October.

According to police, Mitsuo Natsuyama, who is a conductor on the Meiho subway line, has denied the charge, while the other man, Takuya Ito, a company employee, has admitted to his part in the robbery, Fuji TV reported.

Police allege that the two men robbed the pachinko parlor at around 10:45 a.m. on Oct 5. They followed an employee from the booth that exchanges pachinko balls for cash to the car parking lot and knocked him down. The two men got away with a bag containing 30 million yen. The employee suffered light injuries.

Earlier on the day of the robbery, Natsuyama called the subway company and said he was sick and wouldn’t be able to work that day and the following day.

Police said Natsuyama and Ito have known each other for years. They were identified through analysis of surveillance camera footage taken outside the pachinko parlor.

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Remember in Japan big brother is always watching

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Please tell they made their getaway on the subway.

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Don't most of those places have Yakuza connections?

If that one does, the legal system will probably be the least of their worries.

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They guy was sick and he knew the other guy? I seriously hope the camera footage clearly shows his face. Also where is the money!?

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