Successive robberies reported in Chiba


Police said Monday they are looking for two men suspected of committing two robberies in quick succession in Chiba Prefecture on Sunday morning.

According to TBS, the two robberies took place in Noda and Kashiwa cities, netting the perpetrator 700,000 yen in total.

The first robbery took place at around 1 a.m. at a restaurant in Tsuruho, Noda City, police said. A man threatened the female employee with a knife and got away with 400,000 yen from the cash register.

About an hour later, the female front desk clerk at a hotel in Akebono, Kashiwa, was threatened by a knife-wielding man who pretended to be a guest. The man locked the woman in a toilet and stole 300,000 yen from the cash register, TBS reported.

According to police, the suspect in the Noda robbery was 180 cms tall, thin and wearing a black cap. The Kashiwa suspect was described as about 170 cms tall, in his 50s and wore a white face mask.

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same guy I bet

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He'll be smug till he's caught...

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at least he didn't crash it like the idiots in honshu a few months ago.

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crash what?

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The economy of Saitama must be in a pretty bad shape for these guys to come raiding over the border.

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700,000 yen in a cash register??

How about a floor safe to drop the money in. Should never be more than enough to change 4-5 customers with large bills. Makes NO sense...not as if robbery is unheard of in Japan

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....and the beat goes on....!!!!

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...funny...two female employees working the graveyard shift and NOONE around!!!

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smart guys. now if they just dont get caught

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Why the heck do they keep so much cash in the register? That is just asking for trouble! It makes me think there is a bit of cohesion between the parties involved.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Disill, because this is Japan, safety country!

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Another Desperate pachinko-addicted. Why the hell they didn t have a safe? man!

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Some things are just beyond STEW-PID! Lets have 1 woman working alone all night,,, oh, and lets leave 3 or 4 hundred THOUSAND Yen in the till. I guess someone is having a good time playing pachinko and/or visiting some hostess clubs or soaplands for a few nights!

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just a knife? Isn't that was a desk is defending them from?

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So wait...How did they know the guy was in his 50's if he is wearing a mask?

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