Supermarket in Aichi robbed of ¥10 million after store closes


Nearly 10 million yen was stolen from a supermarket in Owariasahi City, Aichi Prefecture, early Monday, police said Tuesday. 

According to police, the store closed at 6 p.m. Sunday. In the early hours of Monday, an alarm went off at the supermarket, which alerted the security company to notify the police, Sankei Shimbun reported. When police arrived, the office had been broken into and about 10 million yen in cash taken. Police did not say if the money was in a safe or not.

The store reportedly only accepts cash for payments. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, grocery shoppers have been flocking to supermarkets. Police have warned businesses not to leave cash unsecured while their stores are closed.

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The police response (I assume) would be sufficient to apprehend the thieves had the cash been in a safe...

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That’s the risk shops take only dealing with cash and not accepting credit or debit cards.

Time to enter the 20th century.

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Disgusting and shameful act of cowardice. This is not good for the best interest of anyone within Japan.

This has nothing to do with cashless or cash for those trying to push the IMF agenda. Japan has done well without cashless and can move forward with cash. Its' a major headache to deal with PINS, Identity theft, accessing online accounts, computer viruses, keyboard theft software, hacking. real crooks that can steal your card information using highly advanced tech etc. NO thank you keep your cashless and headaches just not worth it. Cash is best. Just pay more attention to surroundings.

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Cash is best until you get robbed and it’s all gone.

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About 8 years ago I got my wallet back, nothing missing. and when I wanted to reward the founder the super market manager refused to accept.

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Cash is best. Just pay more attention to surroundings.

clearly wasn't the best for that supermarket

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Inside job.

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Expect to see a lot more cases like this in the coming months with with the spotty implementation of quarantine, insufficient testing resulting in lingering effects of the virus and an inability to return to normal operations and many workers not receiving any or insufficient relief. Goodbye to the myth of "safety" Japan.

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Does it always have to be one or the other, cash works fine for many as does paypal etc, in this case the store was a bit lax, stuff happens.

This is nothing compared to online fraud, talking billions

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