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Suspect arrested after baby’s body found buried in field


Police in Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture, said Saturday they have arrested a girl in her late teens on suspicion of abandoning the body of a baby in a field in May.

According to police, the suspect, who cannot be named because she is a minor, has admitted to the charge, Kyodo News reported. The infant’s remains were found inside a plastic bag buried in the ground at around 11:50 a.m. on Friday by the property owner who was working in the field.

Police said the baby’s gender could not be determined due to its decay and said an autopsy will be held to determine the cause of death.

Police said they detained the suspect after receiving a tip-off from an anonymous source on Friday night.

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Please educate in schools about the baby hatch in Japan were you can anonymously leave little babies needing love.

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Feel sorry for the farmer. Good on the anonymous tipper. Also feel sorry for the girl.

(these stories should be pasted in the afternoon, not good breakfast reading and it is almost everyday.)

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Again? Is it that this actually happens a lot in Japan or the editor just chooses to highlight these stories so it seems common?

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Horrible for all involved. Make the morning after pill more available pleeeease!

1 ( +4 / -3 )

Lots of people are not psychological ready to have sex,and are not psychological to have children and deal with the consequences,even consenting adults,let alone a teenager

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

She can not be named as she is in her "late teens". Is it not 18 now to be classed as an adult? More like mid teens if she can't be named

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I have been to Hadano and captured some nice photo shots of the area, and spoke to some locals. It's a lovely little town. I'm sad to hear something like this happened there.

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arrested a girl in her late teens on suspicion of abandoning the body

So many things wrong in this one sentence. Instead of arresting her, help her.

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Japan is a country with enough resources to make this completely unnecessary, people should be able to anonymously give birth safely and put the child in custody of the government, and even before that to also anonymously have a consultation with an specialist to avoid pregnancies before it is too late as in this case.

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Police just accept the fact she admitted.

We never read they wait for a DNA test to tell the truth.

And also, never ever ever ever read about who is the father. It takes two to make a child. So sad.

Of course she needs help but Japan has life quite low on its lists compare to Christian based countries.

Hence the cost of mroning pills, signature of father needed for abortion, cost impossible to bear for most,etc.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

Events like this occur to young women who are forced to bear UNWANTED children because they do not know how or are embarrassed to access information and resources regarding birth control and early fetal termination. This, in many countries, is by design of pathological attitudes in mostly male lawmakers and their mindless supporters who see women as child bearers and little else. There is a good possibility that Americans will begin seeing stories like this in the near future...

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It's ridiculous that the girl is always left carrying the baby

That's how nature works - do you want to file a protest that the man should always be left carrying the baby?

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