Suspect arrested in connection with dumping of baby's body in public toilet


Police said Monday that a woman has been arrested on suspicion of murdering her newborn son and leaving his body in a public toilet in Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, last year.

The woman, who has been named as 23-year-old Yayoi Kajiyama from Fujieda, is accused of wrapping the dead body of her newborn baby boy in a towel and placing it in a garbage can in the toilet at Yaizu Station on Aug 8 last year, Fuji TV reported.

According to police, Kajiyama currently faces a charge of unauthorized disposal of a corpse. However, police say they also plan to launch a murder investigation due to stab wounds found on the infant's body.

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Im sure the apologists will come out and say she was scared/mentally ill etc etc but I just will never understand how someone can carry a child inside them for 9 months and not only not feel a shred of connection to it but actually be able to murder it. It is just beyond my comprehension and Im just glad shhe is now going to understand there are consequences to her actions.

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stab wounds found on the infant’s body.

WTF!!? That's just plain sick!! To top it off, she leaves the dead baby in a public toilet?! What the hell is wrong with her?!

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Ah, I go to this station once a week. I will think of the poor little one who never got a chance every time I go there from now. I know this was last year, but I kind wish these stories would be accompanied by a government or organization's information on what to do/who to if you have an unexpected pregnancy, because it seems that young women are finding this as a solution too often nowadays.

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stab wounds found on the infant’s body.

good lord! How?

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I typo'd I meant to say - what to do/*who to contact.

And I am not trying to justify this woman's action, but hoping to see less of these stories in the future.

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she deserves the death penalty. anyone that can murder a newborn doesn't deserve to be on this planet.

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'However, police say they also plan to launch a murder investigation due to stab wounds found on the infant’s body.'

What murder investigation.....isn't it clear enough that she gave birth to the baby in the toilet,killed it and dumped it in the trash can?

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In these tragic incidents only the woman who is the mother is arrested, but isn't the father also responsible in a way? Wasn't a baby hatch available?

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stab wounds found on the infant’s body.

Burn in hell witch! You are pure evil! How could you do that!

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Her wound got stabed that's why she's in this mess

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Wouldn't surprise me if the police found her singing karaoke with her friends like nothing happened.

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Im not an apologist - Im really not. I think what she did was horrific. She is responsible 100% for her crime, and my heart goes out to that poor little baby.

HOWEVER the government NEEDS to help stop this happening. Abortion is illegal in this country, technically - and very expensive. Your looking at upwards of 100000 for an abortion, which most of these girls just don't have. Baby hatches are around but maybe only one of them, in this whole country, and adoption is unavailable, because parents refuse to give up their legal rights to the child.

I think the reason so many girls do this is because they cant face the shame of being a single mother - the government could also help with this, by giving much more money to those raising children alone (now its some ridiculously small amount - not enough to live on while your waiting for your child to be old enough to go back to work.)

The Japanese government needs to pick a route to help these children - either they make abortion cheaper (unlikely), or they make life much better for single mothers, or they make more baby hatches, and put the babies abandoned up for adoption by regular citizens. I hope they do the latter - and while they are at it they can strip the rights of the parents who dump their children in orphanages until adulthood too.

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Did no one see this girl was pregnant? Did someone not ask about what she's going to do about the future of this child?

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I'm amazed how this woman can be so emotionally detached that she could stab her newborn baby. I can understand her not wanting the baby, but to stab the poor little guy, that's extra sick.

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stab an selfish can she get? But if the mom will show remorse, she will be out in 3 years or might not be even see prison. Ghast your teeth in anger but infanticide is not considered a major offense in Japan. People with deformities were killed by the midwives in Japan as soon as they were born just few decades back.

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mikihouse I agree that penalties for such crimes is too lenient in Japan. it's almost as if a child is simply the property of the parents here.

Compared to the UK where a mother and boyfriend were sentenced to 30 years minimum or torturing her 4 year old to death, similar cases get 2-4 years here.

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I read this article at breakfast time and couldn't comment. I couldn't finish my breakfast either. I don't think the problem is the shame of being a single mother. The problem lies in the lack of community services and welfare for single mothers. There is also the issue of no domestic laws for child support for the fathers. I can't condone this kind of crime, but sadly, the reality is, many young mothers feel they have no choice, which is pretty bloody stupid really, cos now she is gonna spend a couple of years in the pen, possibly. I guess they feel the sacrifice of a few years of hardship in the penal system is better than having no support for the rest of their lives bring up a child. Strange mindset indeed!

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When backed into a corner, these girls probably feel that this is their only option. Mind you, they are backed into this corner very gradually, while the baby is growing inside them. As others have commented, there really needs to be some sort of support, either from family or government sources, or legalise abortion (as a last resort).

It really is quite animalistic to do such a thing - self-preservation at its most severe. At least this baby has been spared a life of pain with this young woman, who clearly is not fit to be a mother. RIP, little one.

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Well, first you must understand that for this girl this is not a baby but a 'thing'. In case of self ignorance of the pregnancy, the child is really small, the womb of the mother do not expend normally and when it go out, it is see pretty much like an abortion with an emotional relief. Inside her mind the mother generally live a nightmare with something (generally amoral) growing inside of her. Here this is not a child, this is not her child. And the self abortion (this is not a birth, in her mind she can't be gving life, there a real denial here, an emotional incapacity to accept the reality of the situation) is not, the child is alive and screaming. There the horor start for the young mother who had not nine month to prepare herself to the reality to become a mother. Panick, horor, revulsion, she generally have a mental breach. Depending on the circonstances, she kill the source of her emotional trauma, like you will kill a bee that hurt you(the rapist who put her pregnant or the man that hurt to much emotionaly), she abandon with trash, she does not even hear it screaming, it is dead, even if it is alive. Sometime, she give it to adoption when she have the mental strengh to do it and sometimes keep it when she does not, and traumatize him or her during the childhood. Since it is rarelly know, she does not have the psychological care she should have have, so she repeat the added trauma baby after baby. Or go on like it is never happened. The more the society is concervative or put pressure on outlaw pregnancy, the more those case happened.

i hope i put a little light in the understanding of a self-preservation movement indeed, now she need to be helped to not repeat her CRIME. Because it is indeed awful.

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legalise abortion

Abortion IS legal in Japan.

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A stab wound? Inflicted upon your own helpless newborn? That is just EVIL. She should get life at the very minimum.

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In these tragic incidents only the woman who is the mother is arrested, but isn't the father also responsible in a way? Wasn't a baby hatch available?

Perhaps the "father" didn't know she was pregnant? As harsh as it sounds, when it comes to carrying a child, the decision lies with the woman. In the end, SHE decided to carry the child for nine months so SHE is responsible for the care of the child.

I can easily understand how some mothers don't "bond" with their infant. PPD is nothing new and plenty of women suffer from it. Did she? Perhaps. I mean really, if you were carrying a child you didn't want for nine months do you really think she's just going to change her mind and keep it? That happens in movies, not often in real life which is why yes, as mentioned, something needs to be done about the situation here. That being said, Japan has always had a long tradition of infanticide so it isn't really a "new" problem.

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"The Japanese government needs to pick a route to help these children - either they make abortion cheaper (unlikely), or they make life much better for single mothers, or they make more baby hatches, and put the babies abandoned up for adoption by regular citizens."

How on earth is making abortion cheaper "helping these children"? Help them die sooner?

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similar incident happened not so long ago in China and it was ruled as an accident but obviously this was a cover up by the authority to prevent embarrassment. Actually the mother had the baby in the stall and dumped the newborn in the "squat toilet" with large drain hole. The infant was luckily trapped in a sewage pipe and later rescued. With the incident in Japan the mother probably hid the entire pregnancy from familyand friends and she was probably a young child herself...

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So sad. There should options for women in this situation.Obviously she is insane.

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We are not talking about a teenager here. She was a 22 year-old fully grown woman when she did this. It's purely her fault whatever state of mind she was in. The father, of course if he had known should have shared the same responsibility though.

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22 years old?? Maybe she was a bar girl?? Or working at some SoapLand etc..has no idea who got her pregnant, finds out she is pregnant, does not want to be a "mother" for this poor baby and hates it so much she stabs it?? Makes sure the baby is dead, and just for good measure tries to flush the poor little baby down the toilet out there in Shizuoka?? Very, very messed up, but the YAKUZA do not care! All they want is young girls to help them make $$$ no matter what, and sadly enough too many young girls get suckered into this "easy money" type of life style. RIP poor little baby

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thats sad so sad.

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only evil person can do that such things ! never shown a little mercy with the newly baby born :(

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