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Suspect flees after attempted rape in Shinjuku Station restroom


Police in Tokyo are looking for a man who allegedly attempted to rape a woman in her 20s while in a restroom inside JR Shinjuku station on Sunday night. Police said that the man struck the woman violently across the face before fleeing the scene.

Police said the attack occurred at around 8:30 p.m. in a multi-purpose restroom inside the station. Livedoor News reported that police received a call from a station attendant who said that he had found a woman crying inside the restroom and that she appeared to be in trouble.

According to police, the woman had met the man, who is in his 20s, online and had gotten together with him for the first time on Sunday for drinks. Afterwards, the woman began to feel ill and was taken into the station restroom by the man. It was at that time that he attempted to rape the woman who screamed out for help. The woman said he hit her across the face and then fled the restroom.

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I wonder if he spiked her drink(s)?

This really is one of the "but for the grace of God go I" moments.

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According to police, the woman had met the man, who is in his 20s, online

Avoid online dating sites?

-11 ( +7 / -19 )

AN Other: It's possible, but it's just as likely she was simply feeling ill from drinking too much and the guy didn't think he was going to get any as a result and tried to take it to the next level then and there. In any case, if she went for drinks with the guy that means she knows who he is -- or at least how to get in touch with him online, so they should be able to track him down easily and bust him. And I hope they bust him good.

4 ( +9 / -5 )

You know what's a better solution than avoiding online dating sites? Men not raping.

34 ( +36 / -2 )


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According to police, the woman had met the man, who is in his 20s, online

Well, its not hard for the police to get this culprit I suppose!!! What are you waiting for?

2 ( +3 / -1 )

This proves criminals are not all that bright. Shinjuku is one of the busiest stations in Japan. He actually had the audacity to try this and get away with it?? The guy had better chances of getting through Antarctica naked than getting caught. Idiot.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Sounds like this guy is a repeat offender and a coward. Hope they take him down.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

hope that sicko get caught soon, be forced to be drugged with sleeping pills and be given to those openly-admitted okama-san. so he can somehow feel what he is doing...

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

And he struck that poor woman! Any man raising his hand against a woman or girl is not only a coward, but also should NO LONGER HAVE ANY RIGHT TO BE CONSIDERED A MAN!

2 ( +4 / -2 )

Well, its not hard for the police to get this culprit I suppose!!! What are you waiting for?

If he is a repeat offender, I doubt she has his direct info. They might have contacted each other via e-mail and he could have deleted the account by now. Anyways I don't know and I hope he is caught pronto!

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That's disgusting! I was just dating a woman the day before at Shinjuku station whom I've met online. But our rendezvous ended on much more positive vibes. Feeling sorry for the woman to be deceived by such a low-life.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

You know what's a better solution than avoiding online dating sites? Men not raping.

Wish I could click on this a hundred times!

4 ( +5 / -1 )

By an online friend .. !!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

No seriously with all joking aside, just what is happening to Japan, from the looks of the Crime page on Japan Today you begin to question if its safe in Japan, more so for female residents. Female residents are being hounded by, Police officers, Monks, teachers, Ex cops, doctors, work colleagues and even the normal public (static all from new by Japan today)

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Yeah, what's with all the crime being reported in the crime section. I sense a conspiracy.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

@Strategist, unfortunately, it isn't new. It has always been around and women have always been hounded not only in Japan, but also all around the world since the beginning of time. Nowadays, thanks to the advent of internet news, we hear more about it. Many of my older Japanese female acquaintances basically say that there isn't anything new under the sun (men constantly attacking women), except the fact that women here finally (though sadly, very limitedly) can speak up and be heard and perhaps receive (though sorely lacking) help from by-standers and it seems at times, begrudgingly from authorities. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of reporting, and Japan surely has much more criminal acts going on on a daily basis - many of which are sex crimes (mainly against women).

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I know this is going to tick a lot of people off, but I'm kind of glad the perpetrator was someone she kind of knew and not some random stranger. I like that Japan is a place where random rapes are extremely rare, because that allows women to walk around whenever and wherever and not fall victim to anything life-altering or worse. Now as for the pervs who film up skirts and all that...

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

He'll be caught soon. Follow up here?

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Sounds like his plan to spike the drink went wrong. I hope they can follow an electronic trail to find him.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Does it mean handicapped toilet?

1 ( +1 / -0 )

It was good for her to be able to escape with getting punched in the face. Hope the attempted rape this time won't count against people who're doing online dating in the right way.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Yes handicapped toilet. Not enough room in a normal cubicle..... They will find him thru his online profile.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

@Commodore really? Teach men not to rape? While you are at it, are you going to teach robbers not to rob and scammers not to scam? All men are not rapists, rapists are rapists. You cant teach someone to be something they aren't. On the flip side, "victim blaming" is just a cop out for "I don't want to be responsible." It would be like saying "Blame the theif for coming into my home after I didn't lock the door." Criminals are going to be criminals, it is YOUR responsibility to protect yourself against them.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

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