Suspect in Japanese woman's murder to be extradited to France


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This creep couldn't let go and went berserk when he found out she was dating another guy.

Never found her body but he certainly murdered her. He should spend the rest of his life in prison.

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Yank his butt back to France and don't let him ever see Chile again! Murder is a crime wherever you do it and he shall pay the penalty.

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Good job to Chile’s systems.

A long wait for the family of the victim to hopefully see some justice.

If the creep has a decent atom in his body he’ll fess up and provide info on the whereabouts of her remains.

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OLD MAN I'll do you one better-- he should get the death sentence. Why so liberal this time?

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The Chilean government certainly took its time. Well, better late than never.

Narumi, RIP.

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He hasn’t done himself any favors by fleeing France, but yeah that in itself is not conclusive evidence. Over to the French system to nail him with whatever evidence they do have.

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Rest of his life in prison until his death

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It would be nice if people would wait until he's actually been tried and found guilty in anything beyond the comment section of a news article before calling for this man's death.

Unless you believe either in guilty until proven innocent, or that the court of public opinion is enough to sentence someone to death upon. If either of these are the case, then carry on, nothing to see here.

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All Innocent till proven guilty, just remember we all have this right.

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I am so relieved about this news. Given the Zepeda family's close ties to power in Chile, I was afraid the suspect would have been shielded and his extradition would never come. I just hope the body is found and they can get the killer behind bars, whether it's Zepeda or not.

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The defense argued that a murder case could be established without the body of the victim, but the court said it was up to the French court to determine the verdict for Zepeda.

I think that should say: "The defense argued that a murder case could NOT be established without the body of the victim"

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They certainly took their time.

As for Zepeda, he's so innocent that he felt compelled to leg-it back to Chile. Who on earth buys that...

I feel sorry for Kurosaki's family. Not being able to move on because of legalities.

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As for Zepeda, he's so innocent that he felt compelled to leg-it back to Chile. Who on earth buys that...

Well, I buy it that it's quite likely a wrongly accused man would also leg-it back to their home country.

So you believe in guilty until proven innocent?

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