Suspect in stabbing of children seen at school one month ago


A man who allegedly attacked three elementary school children outside their school on Friday is believed to have entered the same school's grounds a month ago, police said Saturday.

The suspect is a 47-year-old man who lives just 600 meters from Oizumi Daiichi Elementary School in Nerima Ward.

He was arrested in Saitama Prefecture about 50 minutes after he stabbed three children on the street on Friday afternoon. On Saturday, police rearrested him on a charge of attempted murder after searching his home.

NHK reported Saturday that the same man was seen walking in the school grounds on May 30. School officials said he was mumbling incoherently when he was approached and asked to leave.

Police said the suspect is refusing to comment on Friday's incident.

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WOW! And no one reported to the school or police that there was a crazy guy walking near the school?? This school and Tokyo better wake up and get on the ball! They are just real lucky this time no children were killed!! I am sure this mental case must have family, friends, neighbors, where the hell are they?? They just had no idea this idiot fool would go and do this sort of thing?? Anyway, Japan must do more for mental cases and schools, the police, the PTA etc..must prepare more to be READY FOR ANYTHING!!

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He was mumbling incoherently? I see many people doing the same thing in Japan. Talking to themselves or talking to inanimate objects like public phones, drink machines or clothes racks in department stores. Somebody needs to explain to them that there is a major difference between thinking out loud and insanity!

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It's interesting all of the commentators that were making snide comments about the perp being from Saitama Ken, And how that reflects on Saitama as a whole, don't have the decency to retract or apologise for their stupid and ignorant comments. I suggest waiting for the facts to be released before vocalising your thoughts.

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Good luck with that, Urqinchina. This is JT Comments section...a known zone of instant retort and reaction.

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riiight, don't do anything, so he can really go ahead and kill someone later on

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