Suspect used Twitter account 'hangingpro' to contact suicide wishers


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Hey “hangingpro” you’ll be hanging bro.

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Murders who look for suicide wishers incidents aren't recent events. I recall a conversation amongst foreigners years ago about those murders, and they were laughing to think it was kinda joke!

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So he granted the wish of those people who wanted to die. Horrible to imagine that while he was doing them a favor he found a pleasure out of it and continued killing. This whole thing is very disturbing. Hope those people who feels like ending their lives finds help.

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Who is exactly avoiding closing down all and each accounts made by insane, inhumane, or otherwise retarded users? I get it, "freedom to moral decadence" blah-blah - this is crime. Moral to start with, in crime sections it ends worldwide. A slap is needed, and a physical one at it. But finally enforcing proper twitter maintenance is needed twice as much. Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube whatever. Just because Internet belongs to everyone does not mean that everyone can corrupt it. None shall.

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Of course the actions of this loon are macabre and disturbing, but the fact there are so many people looking for a ‘suicide buddy’ is equally disturbing. Don’t forget, all these ‘suicide buddies’ are from a small area of Japan. How many of these suicudal people are spread across the country? The only mass suicides I’m aware of in other countries are related to religious cults. I don’t know of any other country that has specific websites to find suicide buddies.

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The macabre image of his young female victims following him from the station to their gruesome deaths is frickin dark as dark gets. One of those Charlie Manson moments that will be a bleak cultural marker for times to come. Rip victims. Damn.

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This is sure to be much darker and sicker than is presently known/reported.

Death for this freak! The sooner the better.

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A woman was being interviewed on NHK today. She was to meet him on the very day he was arrested, and now thinks she could have been his 10th victim. She says that he once mentioned having buried someone for someone else, so it may be that these last two months since he moved and these nine people are just the latest in a long series of victims. Could he have been working for someone and finally gone independent?

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This guy gave me nightmares! Another horrible thing is that Japanese on TV are discussing how bad Twitter is and asking parents how many of them know their child has a Twitter. Society is missing the whole point.

It is not Twitters fault, and they should be asking how many parents know that their child is thinking about suicide or how alarming for the society it should be that there are thousands of accounts like that.

Kids never talk to their parents, neighbors never care for neighbors. I mean people becoming strange everywhere but Japan is exceeding the boarders of this. People here refuse to admit that something is wrong.

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Might not be twitter's, etc fault(same reaction overseas with Facebook, etc) but SNS, etc increases the risk of being exposed?

More awareness and training to identify is needed.

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