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Suspected arsonist in Kyoto studio attack regaining speech in hospital


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Reassuring news. Soon he will be able to contribute to resolving this mystery - whether so many people perished because of someone's insanity, or because of someone's insanity fueled by a dishonourable theft of one's creation for commercial purposes.

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You know, I’m really glad that Japan is actually much more humane in terms of criminal matters then we’ve all heard. I’m not saying that it’s as good as it should be. However, this article, as well as a few others I’ve read on here, reveals that there is quite a bit of humanity still in it.

And the fact they would do this with a mass murderer like this, give him this kind humane treatment, it makes me even more proud. Yes, prosecute him vigorously of course. However, let’s not slip into a barbaric mindset. A barbaric mindset that was very similar to his I would argue.

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Wonderful news (rolling eyes). I'm sure all the victims families are happy for this wonderful news :/

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KyoAni is known worldwide for a lot more than just the two Anime series that keep being quoted, there are many better known Movie and series in the english speaking world.

I'm still wondering what really caused this, and why, if it was a result to a mental meltdown as seems to be being implied, why someone didn't see some reaction to cause a response. The outcome was terrible I agree, as i lost friends in it, but, the why worries me the more.

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A year in the hospital to recover, 2 years to file through the judicial system and and 20 year death sentence. Is what it is.

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In a fair world He should never had regained life

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I do not want to hear what he says. There is nothing he can possibly say to excuse his action.

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According to the sources, Aoba has undergone skin graft surgery and is now in a stable condition. Though he is still being treated in an intensive care unit and needs a ventilator, he will be undergoing rehabilitation, including having speech therapy, the sources said.

What a waste of ressources. Yes yes I know there are rules, but this just rubs me wrong.

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Well, I hope they send him the bill for his medical expenses, and offer him a job in the prison workshop to help pay it off.

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Nurse him back to health, give him a trial and hang him.

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just want to say that I am uncategorially opposed to arson and murder

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