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Suspected ringleader of huge coordinated ATM scam entered N Korea


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Money overrides all historical grievances.

Yakuza also have numbers of ethnic Koreans.

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Yakuza also have numbers of ethnic Koreans.

You’re forgetting or intentionally e causing the fact that these ethnic Koreans were born and raised in Japan. Let’s tell the entire story instead of cherry-picking facts.

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North Korea is so short of cash that they’ve had to commit crimes throughout the world to raise money, like printing counterfeit US $100 bills and NK embassy staff selling drugs in Sweden.

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This was in May. How ever in February of the same year almost $63,000,000 was stolen in a hack that was trying to reap $1,000,000,000 Bangladesh Bank.

"Federal prosecutors in the United States have revealed possible links between the government of North Korea and the theft.[24]"


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Here's a very good reason to ban N. Koreans from visiting Japan.

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Good luck with the extradition effort...

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Better than kidnapping

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If you starve a child, they will steal a loaf of bread.

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If you starve a child, they will steal a loaf of bread.

Does Kim Jong-Un look like he's starving?

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Hey Japan. You allow Yakuza to operate in your country. You have yourself to blame.

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japanese yaks rate between 5th and 7th place in the world. This is just a whole country compared to cities.

russian mafia and triads are also country wide. Others significants are USA and South American. My native country has a load of gangs. All countries do.

Im not defending Yakuza, but I have to say, me and my partner can feel totally safe walking around any time at 3am in Japan. Don’t know about Compton or Bogota though?

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If you starve a child, they will steal a loaf of bread.

Yeah, N.Koreans are starving because of Kim... and he'll try and use that as an excuse to blackmail and exploit nations that tried to help. Nobody with a brain is going down that road again, and we have to hold Kim and regime accountable for not feeding and taking care of his own people. There is enough land to farm produce/livestock right? But he's too busy launching rockets to show "military might".

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The average ATM rack. hold 150 thousand dollars

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Are you sure @yrral?

if there is/will be a lockdown, the average household will immediately withdraw at least 2-3 thousand dollars.

lines for masks, lines for cash.

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