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Swimmer Tomita suspended until March 31, 2016, for camera theft


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I think his suspension should be extended every time he denies stealing the camera as he clearly does not see anything wrong in what he has done. Until he can understand that theft is wrong he is not fit to represent Japan.

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Tomita has denied stealing the camera, saying that it was placed in his bag by someone else.

Nice try honey, too bad they got you on camera.

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The sad part is, some of his fanboys and admirers will swallow his line of tripe. Of course, the camera was just transported into his bag by Captain Kirk on the Enterprise!

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Has anyone actually seen the alleged CCTV video?

3 ( +4 / -1 )

To be honest, I'd like to see the CCTV clip.

The whole affair does seem very strange.

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I look forward to hearing what he has to say on Nov 6.

If he was really caught stealing the camera on CCTV, not only how but why would he deny it? And why deny it now even after admitting to the crime when still in Korea?

But then again I have seen no footage of the actual CCTV nor an accurate account of exactly what he said in his so called admission.

Is there a possibilty that he was framed, and in order for him to get out of Korea there was no option other than to make a false admission and make a quick settlement with the owner of the camera?

The fact that the stolen camera's owner was a Korean journalist could mean sometihng?

Let's wait until his press conference.

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If it was placed in his bag by someone else why did he not report about it in the first place (the load difference of his bag with and without the camera should be noticeable)? And didn't he compete the very next day before being questioned by the authorities? It's not like he had no time to inform someone.

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Sorry 1 year 6 months...but still, shouldn't be allowed to compete anymore

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Note, he's cleared to compete just in time for the national championships in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics. How convenient....

1 ( +3 / -2 )

I was thinking that maybe his does deserve a second chance, and now this. Does he not understand that he admitted it and there was CCTV footage of him putting it in his bag, if I understand the news correctly. Goodbye, I say. And no, no-one is interested in your conference. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if the swimming authorities are trying to get him back on the team if there are any chances of future medals from him.

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It says until March 2016, is this correct? Makes one wonder why he would steal a camera when he apparently has no comprehension of how they work.

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I highly doubt that he will join the team for Olympics. Athletes needs to show good performances in advance before the country can start selecting who are able to representing the country. Tomita was pretty good before but not that "special"(Even Phelps couldn't get away from the punishment), I don't think they will add him to the team roster. Anyway, quite sure his carrier is done.

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The only sources I could find were comments from Japanese officials that there was no clear CCTV footage actually showing Tomita stealing the camera. Where is your source for your opinion?

I also found some sources that he was actually indicted by the Korean authorities.

If he admitted to theft, why was he not arrested? This seems strange to me.

I have no opinion on whether he is guilty or not, but there must be a logical reason that he is now going to hold a press conference with the intension of announcing that he did not actually steal the camera in question.

Oh, I also read that he is supposed to have removed the lens from the camera body and stole only the body. I wonder why that is. A long focal length length costs much more than the camera body. Leaving the lens there is a very stupid way of telling the owner his camera was stolen.

Perhaps he is stupid and/or a kleptomaniac. Or he could have been framed.

I reserve judgement until I actually see the CCTV footage and hear his explanation.

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My guess is that the CCTV either doesn't exist, or is inconclusive - and having found this out, Tomita has changed his story.

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What an incredibly harsh bunch. Many say his suspension is not enough and some even saying that he should not be allowed to represent Japan ever again? Over this? Yes it is right that he should be suspended but one would think he'd have committed the crime of the century with the way some people are talking about it here.

Ban him for 1 year at the very most and let him know he won't be representing Japan if he does something like this again.

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It is possible that he'd been framed. Somebody might have asked him to go pick up the camera and hand it to her/him. Then somebody hid the camera in Tomita's bag.

Japan should ask a copy of CCTV. If he looked suspicious in the video, he might have been asked by somebody to pick it up only when nobody was around.

Why was the CCTV hidden? Usually those security camaras are in display to discourage crimes.

I'm only talking about a possibility.

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(the load difference of his bag with and without the camera should be noticeable)?

What if he had more than one bag? And as he "stole" the camera after removing the big lens, it may not be so noticeable.

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and only a 6 month suspension?? What a self entitled little twat. He shouldn't be allowed to represent the Japan team anymore.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

This seems to be a pattern in the current 20 somethings. Not wanting to take responsibility for what they did.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

The JSF can ask for the footage not sure if they got the legal rights to do so.

Right now no-one in Japan besides the JSF is involved, so Japan can ask for nothing.

Wish people would stop using Japan when referring to individuals and organisations, ditto for other countries.

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Come on Onsen. The CCTV tapes were viewed by Japanese Olympic officials after which they immediately released their own comments on the theft. And why would he admit that he did it, then deny it after waiting this long? Is he taking lesson cues from the Japanese government and their history denials? Confuse the issues by muddying the issue with confusing comments and behaviors. Also don't forget, the Korean police did not lay charges and gave no punishment, so the charges of alleged framing from them doesn't even make any sense.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

Yup, the usual suspects Onsen and Tina right out there decrying evil Koreans taking advantage of the always noble and virtuous Japanese. Dependable as clockwork, even when grasping at straws.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

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