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Taiwan busts massive drug smuggling ring


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He's lucky it was Taiwan and not Malaysia or Singapore that caught him.

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Ahhh...no death penalty. Nice country.

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Gotta stop the flow of METH, it is a disgsuting drug that destroys the users and everyone around them.

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Looks like somebody missed a payment....

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looks like someone missed a payment to the triad.

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Whoever is collecting payment doesn't seem to understand that salaries in the global finance sector is declining.

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20 years doesnt seem enough.. this guy would of helped destroy a lot of lives for the greed of making easy money... Needs to send a good message.... Life....... No out.....

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At the airport in Taipei (at least the last time I transited the airport back in 2001) there was a sign that said Death for possession of drugs. Maybe they removed the sign, huh?

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Drugs destroy lives, not just those of the users once they make their decisions to actively use them, but the lives of families, friends and loved ones. They place an extra burden on health services and take away from those who have lived honest, decent lives and miss out as a result of the selfishness of others. And so it goes. Drugs destroy lives and society on virtually all levels. As for the person, he made a choice, maybe a bad one. After all the decisions you make do determine your destiny. But when and where shall we draw the line and absolve criminals of their responsibilities when they gamble on making money off the money of others. I don't feel sorry for him. What goes around comes back and he got what he deserved.

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Taiwan should send it's scum criminals to mainland China! At least on the mainland they are not shy about the death penalty to scum drug dealers like this.

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I sure that drugs from Afghanistan. This is result of USA politics: drugs to EU and Asian countries. I hope that Asian countries remember 'opium wars' in China and stop drug attack. Drugs is catastrophe!

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If convicted, Fan could face a minimum 20 years in jail under Taiwanese law.

Yeah, I thought Taiwan had the death penalty for drug possession too, Tom.


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Taiwan should send it's scum criminals to mainland China!

Or a Mexican casino.

Wouldnt last a minute!

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so pointless. As long as there's a demand, there will be a supply.

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