Taiwanese-Japanese star implicated in beating of taxi driver in Taipei


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What a horrible horrible taxi driver for caring about his passenger's safety! He deserved to be beaten. I am being sarcastic BTW

All kidding aside, those two deserve some jail time. What a hideous couple!

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For starlet read, drunken stupid tart with ego issues and for boyfriend, moronic thug.

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Wow. Spoiled Japanese (grown) children. I hope the taxi driver recovers. And both of them deserve jail time. I hope their careers are over.

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News reports said the taxi driver asked Tomoyori and Makiyo to get out after they refused to wear seat belts.

Driver said absolutely nothing wrong. In fact he was following the law and was concerned more for these 2 fools safety. Back home Taxi drivers carry screw drivers and heavy steel wrenches under their seats for situations just like this when passengers start feeling like God.

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I thought dual nationality as an adult was impossible if one of the nationalities is Japanese. Thought it was all (i.e. renouncing your other nationality) or nothing.

Have rules changed or am I not understanding it right?

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The headline is just be referring to ethnicity, not nationality. Makiyo is a Japanese citizen born in Japan.

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i predict a news item with apologies and deep head bows

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News reported: "Makiyo, who rode in the taxi with Tomoyori, held a Saturday press conference along with Tomoyori to claim they had worn their seat belts while in the taxi and charged that the taxi driver touched Makiyo's breast when returning change to them which led to Tomoyori's attack on Lin. The language barrier also played a role in the dispute, Makiyo added. The 27-year-old actress said she was intoxicated at the time of the incident Lin's family has since refuted these claims, charging that Makiyo did not even pay the taxi fare, let alone have any change returned to her."

Makiyo got a major problem making up stories. So is hot temper Tomoyori. They should go to same court proceedings and if found guilty, spend some time in Taiwan jail.

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10 years for kicking a door, suspended for three.

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Shocking... I recall the Taiwan taxi drivers were rough n tough with the beetlenut. My guess is the truth lies in the middle but from what I have seen the Japanese tend to pull the I'm above you with their Asian neighbors (er how dare you order me in your cab). There has been quite a bit of violent Japanese losing the plot pissed. But never seen a real fight in 15 years so these stories shock me. Throw the book at him....oh and they will.

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ah, anger management, or lack of it. people need to calm down and dont take everything so personally.

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happy lookin bunch:

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I recall the Taiwan taxi drivers were rough n tough with the beetlenut.

It's "betel nut" (檳榔) and to expectorate the juice looks like the chewer is regurgitating blood. A terrible sight to behold. They apparently chew it to keep alert. Several years back I remember riding in a Taiwan taxi with a Shanghainese guy, who got in an argument with the driver and after disembarking kicked the car's rear bumper. Don't know what the fight was about, but they were really going at it.

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Stupid, retarded act...she deserves to have her career ended and the idiot friend should spend a year in jail for aggravated assault. The allegation about "fondling" has got to be bogus. Unless the cab drive is an absolute retard, he won't try to cop a feel when she's in the cab with two other girls and a drunk boyfriend. I say 30 days in jail and 300 hours of community work picking up trash for her.

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Taiwanese-Japanese thuglet

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Controversy aside, there are some very nice photos of Makiyo online. She sure is a healthy looking girl... however beating and kicking a taxi driver to within an inch of his life is not cool. It may be OK to not wear seat-belts in Japan - but you HAVE TO in most foreign countries, Makiyo.

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Nice legs but face soso. Beetlenut juice it.

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It is "Betel-nut", Beetlenut reminds me of Beetlejuice.

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Great, a taxi driver is in a coma because of these spoilt self-entitled morons... "Takateru Tomoyori of Japan " might like to try using his fists in a Taiwanese prison pretty soon

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Agree with My2sense - Taibei must be cracking down something fierce if it's enough to force these guys to follow the rules. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's a world away from the free-for-all it was when I lived there in the early '90s. The taxi drivers always knew where the best dogmeat restaurants were.

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Had know idea who this person is so I googled her. Something about this incident has already been posted on her Wikipedia Japan page. Interestingly it also says that Mr. Taketoru Tomonori is an "Amerika Shuushin no Nihonjin" who manages a club in Roppongi. Wikipedia goes into a little more detail for those who are interested, but it appears that Makiyo lied to police about the incident among other things. Looks like she and Mr. Tomonori are in some serious trouble.

Then again, it is Wikipedia so it's possible that some of the things have been embellished.

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Ben_Jackinoff - Thanks. That makes things a little easier to understand

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Here is the animation recreation along with the people apologizing.

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Don't know much about this woman Kawashima, only heard of her name... but read from other news that she's had previous problems with taxi drivers and that she is in some kind of blacklist. Don't know if these reports are true.

Also read that she has had problems with alcoholics. Again, cannot verify the facts.

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Kick a taxi door = beating the taxi driver?

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Yeah, she wasn't just kicking the taxi door...JT needs to correct that. She is being held on assault for kicking the driver. They have video evidence of it.

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its funny, when you look up Makiyo on the internet you mainly see just japanese singer when its positive news lol

But anyway, she should only be charged for damage of property since she didnt attack the driver. I dont see why they should keep her if she didnt touch the driver. pay a fine and leave the country.

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Most likely an alcoholic. Really brings out the "best" in people.

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Al StewartFEB. 09, 2012 - 01:14PM JST But anyway, she should only be charged for damage of property since she didnt attack the driver. I dont see why they should keep her if she didnt touch the driver. pay a fine and leave the country.

Do you ever bother reading any of the other posts? That's the second time you've posted today without even bothering to read the other posts.

Read MIrai Hayashi's post. It's the one right above yours. She provides a link which says Makiyo did more than just kick the taxi's door.

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Implicated. That can't be good.

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Is it just me, or do most Japanese get seriously aggravated when receiving criticism or being asked to do something by someone 'they' consider to have a lower social status? Is it just because they do not know how to handle criticism?

Remember the old guy on the plane to Hawaii a month or two? He too got angry when he was asked to do something by the stewardess...

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If you have ever been in a Taiwan taxi - you put on that seatbelt real fast, real tight and say a little prayer.

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