Taiwanese man sought in connection with murder of two students kills himself


A Taiwanese man suspected of stabbing to death two female compatriots slashed his throat in the back of a Japanese police car as he was being taken for questioning, a police spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Chang Chih-yang, 30, was picked up over the killings of Lin Chih-ying, 22, and Chu Li-chieh, 24 -- both language school students in Tokyo -- whose bodies were found with multiple stab wounds last week, Tokyo police said.

Officers found Chang in Nagoya on Monday and took him to a nearby police station, the spokeswoman said, adding that an initial search of the suspect had been carried out.

But as he arrived at the police station he produced a knife and slashed his throat, she said. He was taken to hospital where he was confirmed dead.

"It is really regrettable that the suspect killed himself," said Tokyo police in a statement.

Local media reported that Chang, who was also a language student, had been spurned by Lin.

Independent investigations into deaths in police custody are not routine in Japan and any probe is often carried out by officers from the same department.

A spokesman from the Tokyo police press section said he was not aware of any plans to carry out an independent investigation into the suspect's death.


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Now, I do not know why, but this horrible news is beginning to make sense, I hope they catch the real criminal/s ASAP! And poor Taiwanese ladies, RIP.

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In addition, he has a criminal record from Taiwan. Tokyo Police have requested his record from Taiwanese officials. Apparently about 10 years ago, he was arrested on somesort of sex related charge. Not to say that was the motive for murder here. Autopsies of the victims do not show any signs of sexual assault. They believe he is heading towards the Kansai region.

His father is quoted of saying he believes his son is innocent, but evidence is pointing otherwise. Taiwan officials also state he could face prosecution back in Taiwan after being prosecuted in Japan.

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I hope this killer is brought to justice ASAP!!!

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I don't understand why some people/groups are still requesting to terminate death penality in Taiwan after seeing this case.

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Taiwanese man sought in connection with murder of two students

I sure hope the J-Cops actually have some evidence like finger prints / bloody knife with finger prints, ect, or some specific reason to suspect this guy, other than their normal way of doing things...

"Oh, there's a Gaijin, He must be involved some-how, let's arrest him, Interrogate him for 72 hours straight and force him to confess, He must have did it, we just need to make him say the words...!"

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Case closed!

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I don't understand why some people/groups are still requesting to terminate death penality in Taiwan after seeing this case.

@yosun: And I don't understand why one case like this would make one support the death penalty while cases of the innocent being executed by the state have no effect on some people.

I hope the police will continue the investigation and make sure he was the sole perp. I hope they complete the DNA testing and not call it case closed just yet.

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Nah....the way jcops conduct business, this is a perfect chance for them to stamp this case closed.


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I hope this killer is brought to justice ASAP!!!

Well the suspect killed himself so if he is in fact the killer then the only justice he will be getting is from the man upstairs if thats what you believe in.....

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did this moron have a neck fetish, or something? Stabbing the necks of two young ladies and then stabbing his own and all....

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this title should be updated RIP ladies

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Taiwan news said the man committed suicide, after the police caught him, during the time police escorting him to police station. My question is how he can do it under police's watching?

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I thought the police were to frisk people upon arrest or when being transported.

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That's under investigation at the moment. Many in the media are critizing the police including myself on this goof. Apparently he was caught, admitted to the crimes, so they put him in the back of the patrol car for escort, as they arrived at the police station, he pulled out a hidden knife and slit his throat.

Too bad he did not see justice and took the easy way out, but at least they got their man.

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Whoever did the initial frisking obviously missed the concealed weapon, but it is winter and cold outside and people will be wearing layers of thick clothing.

Re this comment, quote: “It is really regrettable that the suspect killed himself,” said Tokyo police in a statement.

It sounds roundabout and distant to the Western eye/ear, but it contains a heavy hint that few Japanese would miss, more so a Nagoya cop facing the Tokyo cops.

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Didn't they put him in handcuffs with hands behind his back?

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According to the Taipei Times:

After getting out of the car, Chang took out a concealed knife and slashed his throat, police said, not commenting on why the suspect had not been searched and was not handcuffed.

Now we'll never know why...

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The cops were negligent to say the least. They're quite lucky the throat he slashed was his own. They get in a car with an apparently unrestrained MURDER SUSPECT and don't bother to check him thoroughly for weapons, drugs, other people's wallets...? Not like he owed a few quid for parking mixups or anything. Must have been the same blokes that waved the self-confessed long time most wanted list public enemy out the door the other day.

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AhHAH! He had a knife! Arrest the corpse under the "swords and firearms control act"!! Clearly a criminal.

I find this entire article highly suspicious, but regardless of whether it was suicide or whatever I hope that heads roll at the police station, this guy died in police custody and so the death is on their hands.

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How magical that after being searched, handcuffed, placed in the back of a police car, ridden all the way to the station and brought inside, he somehow managed to free his hands, produce a knife (where might it have been hidden?) and stab himself to death. Oh, and by the way, he was a foreigner. Non-Japanese. Amazing how those foreigners manage to get themselves killed in police custody in Japan. Don't people get it?

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