Taxi driver found stabbed to death in Niigata


A 63-year-old taxi driver was found bleeding from his neck and upper body at around 1.30 a.m. Monday in his taxi parked not far from Niigata Airport, police said.

Tsugio Abe, who usually waited for customers outside JR Niigata station’s south exit, did not report back to the company’s office after his shift ended at 11 p.m. Sunday night. One of his colleagues located his taxi through their GPS system and found the car parked on the side of a road about a kilometer from the airport. Abe was in the driver’s seat covered in blood, and police were called to the scene but he was already dead, police said.

Police said Abe’s bag which contained cash and other items was missing.

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Capital punishment shloud never be abolished. Here we have another innocent taxi driver that was earning his bread and butter to support his family. Does people against hanging ever think of crime victims??? Anyone that kills for money should hang.

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police were called to the scene but he was already dead, police said.

they don't need to rush him to the hospital where he can be pronounced dead anymore?

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If the justice system was flawless, I'd agree with a "life for a life".

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Capital punishment already exists in Japan and this has happened! Are you looking for a way to prevent this from happening, saying that capital punishment would prevent this from happening, which has not? Or are you thinking that if the guy who committed this is arrested and killed, it wouldnt happen again? You see, suggesting captal punishment is not even to the point here!

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It's true capital punishment is not a proven deterrent to murder, but it does one thing IT MAKES SURE THAT THE SCUM WHO DID THIS NEVER DOES IT AGAIN! Never abolish capitol punishment. This was an innocent man earning an honest living and this murderous scum of the earth chose to end his life. Find him, catch him, and let him ride the lightning. Hanging is way too good for whoever did this crime.

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wow....this sux alot..a 63 year old to die by getting shanked with a knife, this criminals don't have mercy at all.

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Seems to be an increase in violence against taxi drivers these days

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I think they really need to start introducing bullet-proof plastic between the back and front seats in all taxis.

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It goes both ways. I've heard about taxi drivers taking their passenger to an out of the way place, murdering them and then taking their money, too.

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