Teacher arrested for molesting woman in Kawasaki


Police in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, said Thursday they have arrested a 23-year-old elementary school teacher for allegedly sexually molesting a 39-year-old woman as she walked home.

The incident occurred at around 12:05 a.m. on Wednesday, TBS reported. Police quoted the woman as saying she was walking home when the man, identified as Kazuhiro Takahashi, suddenly grabbed her upper body and tried to assault her.

Police said that this month, there has been a spate of similar acts in the vicinity and they are questioning Takahashi about his involvement in those incidents.

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The man is into jukujo and has a problem. Good they caught him.

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Aigoo !!! are these the kind of people we want teaching our children? and shes so higher up in age too!! How far will these sick people go?

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At least it was not a student who was victimized.

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Aaaaand that's Friday.

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Teaching Elementary school kids must be very stressful.

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Kawasaki is the new Saitama.

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Good, arrest him and blacklist not to step foot in any classroom again. Ever....

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23-years old? That would make him first year out of college. Somewhat relieved his anti-social tendencies surfaced so young. Give him his day in court, sack and punish him if found guilty. Not the first, won't be the last.

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@ DaDude "Good, arrest him and blacklist not to step foot in any classroom again. Ever....'

i hear ya but their aint too many place he can go on the island anyway.

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doesn't he know what crowded trains are for? tsk tsk, amateur

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Glad that they caught him, but now one has to wonder what he has been doing to the others i.e. the kids. or single mom's during parent teacher meetings in the home but they didn't report anything for shame and embarrassment. Despite the woman's age, it just shouldn't have happened to her.

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"I was drunk and don't remember a thing"

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What an IDIOT! and this fool is a teacher?? Or was?? I hope they not only ARREST him but also NEVER allow him to be a teacher here in Japan ever again!

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Kawasaki is the new Saitama.

Been there once and that was enough for me.

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