Teacher of disabled children arrested for hitting 10-year-old boy in face


A teacher in charge of a special needs education class for children with disabilities at an elementary school in Shiraoka City, Saitama Prefecture, has been arrested for allegedly hitting the face of a 10-year-old boy and breaking his jaw.

According to police, the teacher, Takashi Ito, 54, reportedly hit the boy’s face repeatedly with his fist in one of the classrooms in August, Fuji TV reported.

The incident came to light after another teacher at the school noticed the boy bleeding from the mouth. At the time of the incident, Ito was teaching a lesson with four children that involved watching a DVD.

Police said Ito has admitted to the charge and quoted him as saying, "I hit the boy because his clumsiness annoyed me."

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In those famous words of Lord A Sugar, "Your fired!" Just because the boy is a bit clumsy , so what, get a grip man, you can't hit children like this.

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What a worthless, child-abusing scumbag. Ive heard Japanese prisons are pretty grim places - lets hope he ends up in one, and then we shall see if he is man enough to handle a similar rain of punches to his jaw.

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Big man.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Teacher sounds like he needs to be in an adult special ed class.

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Broke his jaw?! Man, he must've really nailed that kid.

"I hit the boy because his clumsiness annoyed me."

Clumsiness! Really? Time for a career change, buddy.

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teachers just don't snap and start hitting kids at 54 years-old.

This animal, I'm willing to bet, has a history of hitting kids that is well known to everyone around him.

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I hit the boy because his clumsiness annoyed me, Come one tough guy, is that the best excuse you got. I have had some clumsy students, but still I loved them all. This guy needs to be permanently banned from teaching and do some time for good measure.

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So, what is this thug's penalty? A 30% pay cut for three months? He should be charged under the child abuse law and jailed for inflicting a broken jaw on a ten year old kid, especially a handicapped one.

It was just the other day I was commenting about the bullying in Japanese society resulting in many teenage suicides and this little gem pops up to prove my point.

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He needs to be locked up and the key thrown away. I hate to think it, but I'd put good money on the assumption that this is not the first child he has abused.

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Why doesn't the headline read, punching him in the face and breaking his jaw?

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With a little luck this idiot will be clumsy when he is in prison and drop the soap in the showers!

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Better give that so called teacher a test for senility or Alzheimers.

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"10% reduction in pay for three months"

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This idiot was in charge of a special needs kids. "Clumsiness" for lack of a better translation term is to be expected, but what the fu@*& he hit the kid until he broke his jaw? Zero tolerance for this "teacher ". The parents should push the BOE hard for a suitable punishment, this crap has got to stop!

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Special needs kids can be a real handful, but if you can't handle it, get a new job.

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Which is worse, physical or mental abuse? I work in a school where the teacher emasculates the special-needs boys. I plan a lesson for the kid who I like but he doesn't show up because he's afraid of the teacher

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Wow, what a role model, NOT!!!! Just how sick can you be to break a kid's jaw for being clumsy?

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Its bad enough that a teacher hit a student. Its worse that he broke his jaw. Its even more worse that the kid is disabled. What this teacher did is criminal, and he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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Another tough guy that for all the wrong reasons became a kyoushi, the Japanese "version" of a teacher. (open to interpretation.) His clumsiness annoyed him, a 10 year old disabled kid. Lovely.

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The only record of his reasons that I can find in the J press so far so far in two reports was 「言うことを聞かなかったので、かっとなって殴ってしまった」

"He wouldn't listen, (wouldn't do what I told him) so I got really mad and ended up hitting him."

A special needs teacher in the UK told me he once hit a kid but has regretted it ever since. What really got him was the look of astonishment on the kid's face.

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Special needs kids can be a real handful, but if you can't handle it, get a new job.

Sadly, many of the special needs teachers here have no training in special needs and were only put in that position because they can't handle a normal class

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My brother has a required brain injury. He has smoked all his life and now he can not afford to smoke. So I decided he had to give up. I have stop buying him smokes. So he walk around the village all day looking for butts. It very hard for him. I have people stopping me and telling about my brother picking up butts so they brought him a pack. This is totally embraassing for my family having people telling them about their relative picking up butts. I keep asking him not to do this. But he does not listen ( Actual he has very bad short term memory loss form the brain injury). So I don,t hit him just remind myself of his condition and keep on explaining to him not to smoke. By the way a park of smokes in Australia is $15 US and will go up 25% each year for the next 4 years. So that will be $30 a day smoking habit only the rich can afford. So I understand the pressures of getting results from talking to a brick wall. I Assume this teacher is young and should not of been paired with this class.

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John-San: My brother has a required brain injury. He has smoked all his life and now he can not afford to smoke. So I decided he had to give up. I have stop buying him smokes ...

Maybe acupuncture would help him quit (it worked for my dad, he quit for a while, but other relatives around him didn't quit so he want back on the cigs). Or take him into the outback for a month, somewhere away from any butts on the ground and from other smokers providing bad examples. Any cabins on AirBnB?

John-san: I Assume this teacher is young and should not of been paired with this class.

JT's article says he's 54: "According to police, the teacher, Takashi Ito, 54, ".

But maybe that's young to you! :)

When I had one of my kids in a mixed special-needs preschool, all the employees were young college-age women and they all had a lot of patience. The one that had the least patience was a bit older and was also the director.

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