19-year-old admits to producing powerful explosive, gun, stimulants


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An industrious, intelligent young man. Channel his energy and intelligence into something positive.

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exactly Chip....

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". . .  he should face criminal charges in light of the seriousness of the case."

Ya think?

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Something tells me he’s a Breaking Bad fan...

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Clever young fella, but quite deluded.

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@Chip Star

An industrious, intelligent young man. Channel his energy and intelligence into something positive.

Well said Chip Star.

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Curiously there is no mention of his parents or home environment considering he is a 'minor' and all.  Assuming that he is living at home as most '19 year old minors' do in Japan.  And how did he have access to a 3D printer?  It's not like you can walk into your local K's Denki and buy one.  Or can you...?


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Nice to see a bit of initiative and drive.   Maybe the youth of today are not all holed up with their parents.

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Smart guy but wrong direction, throw him into the Japanese self defence force he'll be able to play with all amounts of guns in the correct way.

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He's gotta be glad he was caught now in this country. He'll serve a maximum of a few months in a reformatory and be out well before his Coming of Age Day ceremony, even though he's now an adult by Japan's laws but can't be charged because he's a minor. Maybe he'll vote to keep things this way, since he can.

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Cudos for him, he is smart enough to do it, has the drive. Dumb enough to get caught. Cudos. Japan's secret service need to recruit him asap. Creative and motivated just need mentors to focus his aims for the states benifit. At the moment 00.0 but has potential to be 00.8.

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In other Countries we'd say throw him in Jail. But in Japan, we think he's an Intelligent and outstanding person... ?! What does that say about the way people perceive Japan from outside ?

As for the other bits:

3D printed Gun & the firing pin mechanism are separate items , so he'd just have had a shell (replica model) unless he located the separate parts himself and assembled into a functional item.

Making TATP is well documented on the web, Chemistry students could easily replicate, even by accident!

Synthesizing Stimulants.... oh come on....

One has to wonder whether the above would warrant such attention from the media, or whether it was being sought for by a bored individual, who after a bit of humble "Sorry's" would be let go....

Sadly, what was once deemed inquisitiveness, now is fraught with dangers of being accused of one thing or another.... How times have changed.

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