Teen who allegedly made explosive may have traded uranium online


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This kid needs to be utilized for his intelligence and resourcefulness and not demonized or made an example. Channel his talents correctly and reap the benefits.

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For once I agree with you

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For once I agree with you

This is twice, Sensei. You have agreed with me regarding child welfare works doing their jobs correctly so fewer children die from abuse.

Enjoy the beautiful weather today!

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I agree with you too, it is sad they define him as criminal

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How much yellow cake did he make? I'm guessing it was a few grams, hardly dangerous. Also, why was he funded so well? Rich parents with no time to watch him so they just gave him money to entertain himself?

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Its sad for the government to immediately brand people like him as criminals first and resourceful geniuses second. If Japan or any other country does not recruit this guy to work under them, then the bad guys would likely do.

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I stand corrected

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Does japan really need talent to develop nuclear weapons?

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Wait. A kid in Japan, or anywhere, can get uranium?! Yappari, I don't know much.

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What they are really doing is controlling who can make their own power and not be dependent on the state.

There are kids making fusion reactors out here and learning more than what the state wants them to know.

You can't keep people in the dark forever.

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Shouldn't this have been done on the Dark Web? Not very bright of him

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wow I'd like to meet this kid, he's pretty smart/cool hahaha...

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