Teenager stabs family members, commits suicide


A teenager in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, stabbed three members of his family, killing one, before taking his own life, police said Tuesday.

According to police, 21-year-old Arisa Kurota was stabbed and killed at her home at around 10:15 p.m. on Monday night. Her grandparents were also stabbed and seriously injured in the attack, Sankei Shimbun reported.

While in hospital, the 74-year-old grandmother reportedly told officers that their attacker was her grandson. Police searched for the 16-year-old and found the body of a boy fitting his description in a storehouse early Tuesday morning. He had apparently hanged himself, police said.

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This is becoming a global problem with youth, and by no means is restricted to Japan. In fact, the trend seems to be getting to Japan late. Parents parenting badly is happening all over, and Japan is not immune. The number of mothers I see coming into the schools where I work with long deco'd nails and a couple babies in tow, I can't imagine how they play or have any physical contact with their kids. The fathers seem to be largely absent, so the kids spend all their time at school and clubs, where the teachers aren't much better. Those who do try to be parental figures and actually discipline the rowdy kids are frowned upon by those who want to be the kids' friends. The kids raise each other, and when you have kids raising kids, the results are never good. They can't learn what is right and wrong by societal standards, because they have their own society where kids are king and adults are just a nagging annoyance.

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Where are these kids getting the attitude from? There has to be something they are either being taught or are reading that makes them blame their parents for their own shortcomings?

How many of those idiot boys hanging around Akihabara on a school day will blame their parents for them being total wasters? Schools need to employ shrinks to get the bottom of this... and why is it only teenage boys doing this? You don't hear about teenage girls killing their family members out of spite, self pity or just because they are nasty little buggers.

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Too many hours of "juku", yet still no comprehension of irregular English verbs? I jest...

Seriously though, has Japan always had these problems? Any long-timers that know? I become more and more convinced living here that all these people, seeingly walking around with supressed feelings, are a health hazard.

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terrible, but unfortunately the news story above this one will get 1000 times more media coverage.

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That is awful. I did a lot of lessons in Takatsuki's jnr highs. What is really sad is that the efforts of Takatsuki to encourage better social behaviour at schools are first rate. The students there were of the highest quality.

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Getting rather sick of all the family issues and crime I keep reading about.... Perhaps the country would like to rethink their parenting and stance on family matters?

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Looks like Osaka is taking over from Saitama in the crime section.

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Another day in Japan another family murder. Move along! Nothing new to see here folks!

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Wow... this is a spiral case of misjudgment. He blamed other people for his own failures and took it all out on innocent family members whilst having the balls to hang himself. That is a movie waiting to happen. RIP

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Almost every week it seems it's either the parents murdering the kids or the kids murdering the parents. Sad.

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