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Terminally ill woman in Kyoto left will before her assisted death


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If a doctor believes that euthanasia is justified and a measure that should not be criminalized there are many things he can do to push for that opinion to be listened to. It is not an easy issue, and it is full of small details that can be abused and have to be examined carefully, so it has to be discussed professionally in order to decide if the laws should be changed or not.

What he cannot do is act on his own authority, charge a quite important fee from a patient that apparently can barely afford it and then not taking responsibility for his actions. That does not speak about doing the best for the patient but to fulfill a personal belief no matter what.

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"I always think if I ever open a clinic of my own, I would have to be Dr. Kiriko. I would be assisting death, but I have random ideas that should keep me from being charged," he added.

Random ideas about how people should die by your hand and you not be held responsible?

You would have been better off by saying you were drunk at the time and didnt recall anything!

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I will eventually be seeking a similar way out.

Whatever about the doctor, this woman was brave and courageous, she maintained her dignity.

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ALS is a horrible disease. No cure, only a slow relentless decline into helplessness and eventually death. I can fully understand a sufferer wanting to move things on.

Also I can understand the doctors wanting to help, even if it means breaking the law. The problem for me is that by taking quite a large fee they are undermining their claims of acting morally.

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If I want to die everyone just get the hell out of the way please. If I want to die I will have my reasons, government and laws made without my consent or input be damned.

But having a doctor who emulates a popular manga character and copies his actions is no help to this case at all.

Her father on Tuesday said he had "never heard my daughter say she wanted to die."

That's probably because if she tipped you off, you might have tipped off the stupid government and ruined the whole thing.

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I really feel for her. May her RIP.

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The money transaction is to justify that it was the patient's decision, on her free will.

It's very clear that it was the patient decision to die.

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I applaud this woman for her courage. Assisted death should be a way out of life if you are faced with dying and not suffering. The government has no right to make people suffer and keep them artificially alive.

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The doctor writing he would like to be like a comic character doesn’t mean he is crazy or evil. It simply expresses his believes and convictions. I think we all have imagined being a fictional character at some point. That is not enough to judge him.

I hope Japan and the rest of the world approve Euthanasia.

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