Thai police arrest 4 Japanese men over drugs, bribery


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These guys are in for a world of hurt in Thai prisons. Serves them right if they were trying to traffic ice. Nasty nasty stuff, destroyer of so many people's lives.

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In the end, these four are the ones who end up getting iced!

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I wonder how they will say they were 'tricked' into it by some 'foreigner'.

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Zero sympathy from me for these guys or anyone who gets involved in drugs anywhere.

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prepare to die, yaks.

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@Haaa Nemui What about nicotine? Do you have sympathy for nicotine addicts, some of them are maybe destroying themselves with a high cost to society as well?

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When it comes to illicit drugs like ice, however, while peer pressure may play a, users tend to know the dangers (and the illegality of use) before using. And still choose to use. I have less sympathy. But, again, not without any sympathy in certain cases.

One group I have NO sympathy for are those that willingly deal/traffic in drugs. None. Zero.

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a tip-off that one of the group was smuggling drugs out of Thailand.

Does that mean that Thailand is full of drugs ?

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Apologies... I should have said it in relation to manufacture and distribution. That said... I have little sympathy for an addict who has nobody to blame but themselves for their addiction... and I know there are many who do not fit into that category.

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@zones2surf I agree about "ice." And about organized crime traffickers. I don't want to see the example now. I've seen enough already in my life not to need "schooling" and I haven't eaten breakfast yet. But as far as people getting involved in "drugs," it depends what drug and what they mean by "involved."

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Well....Japanese shouldn't doing this stuffs....but seems they're copying the lucrative business of countries doing this stuffs.

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These guys will probably get the death penalty. Nice to see Thai police not taking bribes as they even take them for traffic tickets.

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

"Four Japanese men... smuggling drugs OUT of Thailand"

But of course they weren't planning to smuggle drugs INTO JAPAN, because...

Japan is a law-abiding country with a low crime-rate!! ;-)

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Caught in Thailand for drug smuggling AND bribery... wow. These guys are finished. Good riddance.

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Funny how the japanese authorities often refer to the quasi-legal herbs as the so-called "Dangerous Drug."

Really? This "ice" is the real deal, it is the "Dangerous Drug." When will the NPA get it right for a change?

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Some strange comments above, clearly from people with no real life experience on the matter.

Drug traffickers are there only to meet a demand. Regulate, educate and thus control is a much more effective method.

Last time I checked no drug dealers ever forced a user to buy.

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This is not stealing camera this very more serious if Abe don't help this guys are finished..

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They will be off to "the big tiger" (Bang kwang) they have a very long stink in living hell to contemplate where they went so wrong, the big tigers gonna getchya!

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Yep, ice is a terrible drug and destroys many lives, but not as many as alcohol or tobacco, which are legal. Ice is a huge problem in many countries and needs to be wiped out.

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FightingVikingOCT. 25, 2015 - 09:10AM JST a tip-off that one of the group was smuggling drugs out of Thailand.

Does that mean that Thailand is full of drugs ?

Yes, but most of it comes in through Cambodia. It's not just being smuggled in by Thailand's organized crime guys either, many foreigners bring it in to. Other than weed, the majority of drugs are manufactured in other countries, then easily smuggled into Thailand through Cambodia. Either way, you'd have to be crazy to risk having any illegal substances in Thailand, as you know their drug laws are extremely strict!

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Yep, ice is a terrible drug and destroys many lives, but not as many as alcohol or tobacco, which are legal. Ice is a huge problem in many countries and needs to be wiped out.

True, but if you look at the severity of each individual case rather than the number of lives destroyed, would you say tobacco or alcohol are worse? If ice was as readily available as alcohol or tobacco, which would be the biggest problem?

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Lets see how japanese authorities react. Are thai authorities trying to to mae a trap for innocent japanese who were just having good time time there?

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Drug trade is a cancer, but let's not ignore the fact that Thai police are notoriously corrupt.

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Sure the yaks have connections inside Thai prisons as well.

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I don't care about the 4 idiots, terminate them, but am outraged they try to bring that killer drug into Japan.... Their own country...might as well poison their parents....

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@Suzuki. (no pun intended) But wouldn't theYakuza keep those stashes of ice to themselves in their own circles?

I don't see them slangin' it openly in places like roppongi or shinjuku.

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@Manish Marani

Tgey might not be innocent tourists. Not mentioned in this article is that the Thai police showed a gun they said one of the four was carrying. I forgot his name (it was shown on TV news), but it was the one with extensive tattoos on his upper arms visible beneath his t-shirt sleeves, and a smirking attitude as he said he was denying everything and boarded the police van.

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Some people have to learn the hard way.

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Don't do the crime if you can't die for it with the death penalty, that's most surely what they will get in Thailand.

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Kick-ass tat careing. . . . & Yup, don't do the crime if u can't do the time. Dance= pay the fiddler.

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Forgot to mention that this article doesn't say anything about the Thai women (not sure how many) also arrested in connection with this case, shown lined up at the police station table next to Itakura, the smirking Japanese man. According to Monday's noon TV, it seems his method of smuggling was to "befriend" young Thai women, promise to marry them, suggest a vacation to Japan, and prepare a suitcase with hidden drugs for them. They mentioned about 200 having been arrested at airports. I had to answer a doorbell with the wrong timing, but I think those 200 were connected to Itakura.

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I am soooo happy for the "rats" that squealed them out, the "dogs" that sniffed them out, the "mules" that got caught, and the "pigs" that caught them. Let's eradicate the demand for drugs...

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