Thief steals Y12 mil from armored car in Saitama


A man who robbed an armored cash transport car in Kawajima, Saitama Prefecture, on Sunday, escaped with around 12 million yen in cash, police said Monday.

According to police, the robbery took place at around 5 p.m. at a shopping center where the armored car had arrived to collect the day's takings, Fuji TV reported. A man brandishing a handgun reportedly approached a guard who was loading the van and demanded that he hand over money. The man escaped with a bag containing around 12 million yen in cash, police said.

Police say the man, who was wearing a black wool hat and a white surgical mask, escaped the scene in a white car. No injuries were reported in the incident.

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Man, always in Saitama. At least Saitama peeps are cooler than Tokyo people.

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Saitama is back!! Nice score. These cash vans do look vulnerable.

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Saitama is definitely back in the news this week. Sashiburi :-)

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A presumed loaded sidearm vs. presumed older guard with wooden baton. Math doesn't add up, just let the money go.

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Are these truck armored? Where? The windshield.

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Yes, nice's also going to spark the idea for many others of the same. These armored guards for the most part look old and for better words not very intimidating.

I've seen these guys walking with their money carts and looked around with no vehicle to load in within sight. They should be given special privilege to park right next to the location they are taking money to or receiving money. At least with more of a chance to deter theft with cameras and witnesses

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The way these armored van personnel act this was an accident waiting to happen. I observed two guards picking up cash from my local convenience store. Both of them were carrying bags, so while they did have weapons (it looked like teargas and nightsticks in fold-over holsters) neither of them could have reached them. I walked out of the convenience store right behind them and observed them stow the cash in the back of the van... and then the driver went around to the front and just opened the door... he hadn't even locked it facepalm!

Where I come from these are 3 man teams. 1 man goes in for the cash and the 2nd man choses a secure piece of cover where he can observe the area without being blindsided. The 3rd man stays in the van and has a radio to call the police if anything happens, plus a several ton armored truck he can hit people with if someone opens fire (the engine stays running the whole time). The 1st checks in before coming out, and if there's anyone loitering or acting suspicious they call for backup. If the coast is clear the 1st guy loads the van while the 2nd guy remains on watch. Then the first guy gets into the back and seals the doors, then the 2nd guy gets in the front and they pull off. Worst case they get hit as the 2nd guy is getting in, in which case the guy in the back hits the engine kill switch and the emergency call, and sits tight until backup gets there.

Honestly the armored van teams in Japan are a complete joke. No training, no clear safety protocols, nothing. I know Japan is a safe country, but when you're moving around millions of yen every day it's just a matter of time until someone decides to take their chances. A kid with a butter knife could knock over one of the Japanese armored trucks.

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Frungy don't forget where we come from (assuming you are from the US or thereabouts), these guards would be armed.... I guess in Japan as this sort of crime does not happen much people become complacent and start to switch off..

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12M JPY isn't worth that amount of security. In the NYC at the end of every banking day dozens of major banks have to settle up all the all the electronic transactions with real hard currency. Millions upon millions or dollars roll each day. They are armed to the teeth. I would assume similar transfers happen between the major banks in Japan as well and I would guess the drivers and guards have more than pepper spray and a baton.

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Ooh crikey ! I bet that this guy wasn't wearing a mask as a fashion item, a confidence booster or for flu prevention.

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It's almost like taking candy from an incompetent baby.

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There are always two guards. What happened should be the real question.

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