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Thief targets 2 convenience stores in Saitama Pref


A man pretending to buy canned coffee tried to rob one convenience store and robbed another in Kazo, Saitama Prefecture on Jan 5 and Jan 6, police said Monday.

According to police, the first robbery occurred at around 11:30 p.m. on Jan 5 at a FamilyMart store in Raiha. Although the man initially entered the premises pretending to buy a canned coffee drink, he immediately pointed a knife at an employee and demanded cash, Fuji TV reported. The employee managed to flee to the back of the store, and the suspect left empty-handed. 

Approximately six hours later, a man entered a 7-Eleven store located about 300 meters away from the FamilyMart convenience store and managed to make off with 39,000 yen in cash after physically threatening a male employee with a knife. 

In the second incident, the suspect once again posed as a customer by taking a canned coffee in his hand and approaching the register as if he was going to purchase the product. 

The man, who was wearing a black down jacket at the time, is believed to be between in his 50s.

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I’m glad the 5:30am person gave him the money. Being paid ¥1000 an hour for night shift and getting stabbed is not so good. Hope the company gives him compensation.

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Too much caffeine?

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"Thief"? Isn't "robber" the correct word in this case?

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I guess this guy really likes his coffee. To help avoid these types of robberies if the convenience store had a double door set for access / exit with a remote locking device at the counter as the robber is exiting the store the employee could press the locking device button and trap the robber in-between the sets of doors until the police responded.  With this in place less robberies would occur.

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