Thieves steal Y30 million worth of jewelry in Ibaraki


Police in Ibaraki Prefecture are searching for a group of men who stole an estimated 30 million yen worth of jewelry from a store in Ishioka on Wednesday.

Police believe at least two men were involved in the robbery which took place at around 4 a.m. at a jewelry store, TBS reported Thursday. According to police, a local resident reported the incident after hearing the sound of breaking glass. The man said he saw one man smash the glass door and go inside, while at least one other man, wearing a ski mask, kept watch outside.

After the robbery, the manager, who lives above the store on the second floor, went downstairs to find that several items had been stolen, including a diamond ring worth 4.8 million yen, TBS reported.

Eyewitnesses say the men escaped the scene in a black station wagon.

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Could this be the same gang going around Japan robbing and stealing, on a spree?

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People in Ibaraki wear jewelry?? Nah, we mostly sell it to gullible tourists from Tokyo. :D

Also as it seems they broke the window, and it was 4a.m I guess the store was closed? Wouldn't that make it a theft, heist or something rather than a robbery?

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It's probably all insured, so no worries.

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The guy had it coming if he had that much stuff in his store without any form of security for it. The majority of the personally owned stores in my city all have metal shutters they put down when they are closed and there isn't even anything worth stealing in their shops. If they were just able to walk up, break the glass and enter, and the police had to be notified by a neighbour instead of a security system, I really can't feel sorry for his loss. How much would it have cost for him to increase the security on his shop? Certainly not as much as what he has lost.

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I'm sure that there's a fence or some shichi-ya that'll pay them less than 300K for the jewelry.

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People in Ibaraki wear jewelry??

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No alarm system?

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Time to call CSI: IBARAKI?!

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