Thieves steal Y5 mil worth of jewelry after backing car into store


Two men got away with 5 million yen worth of jewelry after they backed their car through the front of a jewelry store in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Sunday morning.

According to police, the robbery took place at 1 a.m. Footage from surveillance cameras inside the store showed a dark-colored car being backed through the front entrance, sending glass everywhere. Two men in black got out and helped themselves to about 100 rings and necklaces worth 5 million yen, TBS quoted police as saying.

The men then drove off. The car's license plate was covered, police said.

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Jewelry stores in the West usually place their jewelry into a safe after closing. Perhaps it's time for Japanese jewelers to do the same.

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Ah, the ram-raid - oldest trick in the theives book. Most shops in Japan have heavy metal shutters - looks like this joint shouldve invested in some.

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They guys had to ram their car a number of times before they got through the metal shutters.

You can see 'em here:

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If I were the Japanese police I will ask for an advice from Spanish police. They are very effective dealing with this kind of robberies and criminals.

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The type of car is a mini van. Police know the model from the tail lights. Rear end scratches might help find the culprit s

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