Three brothers dead in apparent murder-suicide


Police said Thursday that the bodies of two brothers were discovered in an apartment in Utsunomiya and a third in a car parked nearby, in what they are treating as a murder-suicide.

According to investigators, a home helper visited the apartment at around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday and upon finding the door locked, reported the situation to the police, Fuji TV reported.

Shortly after, police officers entered the apartment and found the bodies of two brothers, aged 55 and 57. The third brother, 67, was found in his car nearby. Police said that the 55-year-old brother found in the apartment had marks consistent with strangulation on his neck, while the 57-year-old appears to have been hanged, Fuji reported. The third brother, found in the car, also had strangulation marks on his neck, police said.

According to police, the 55-year-old and 67-year-old brothers had disabilities. Police believe their 57-year-old brother may have killed them and then hanged himself, Fuji reported.

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Why is it that the people who need administrative assistance the most are the ones who are abandoned all the time?

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What the murder rate in Japan is like in 2012? Seems to be skyrocketing.

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This is simply tragic. Until people know they can ask for and receive solid, secure, humane, long-term support from the govt., for themselves and more importantly for ailing / vulnerable dependants, this will continue to happen.

What must have gone through the poor man's mind while he was doing this? His heart must have been broken, to realise there was no way other than this.

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Here's some advice to Japanese families.

The next time you're sitting down together having a meal, please tell you other family members that you are happy and do not want to be murdered by them when they decide to give up...

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Maybe one cause of this is nobody cares.depression and negligence in the part of authorities concern.May they rest in peace.

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This should never have happened, and maybe it wouldn't have if the one brother had gotten the help or assistance he needed to care for his family. Of course, we don't know the whole story yet, but it seems on the surface that he couldn't continue to face the unending sole responsibility of caring for his family members. Is there so little support of any kind for family caregivers in Japan?

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Is there so little support of any kind for family caregivers in Japan?

100 times more than in the US, half as much as in E.U. But anywhere, that's never enough for heavy cases.

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How sad. Probably the middle brother has had the responsibility of looking after his brothers since his parents died (doesn't say they are deceased but likely). Poor bloke probably just couldn't face it anymore. The problem with this and other deaths of the elderly etc. is that the social services and societal attitudes have not kept pace with the breakdown of traditional family-based caring.

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Maybe Cos is talking about insurance/ public support from the gov. I have no idea about those stats.

What I do know is that jpn is different from those countries in terms of how human relations play out. I don't think jpns are cold per se, and there's a lot that's great about this country re privacy and not prying and also not at all involving yourself in others' business. But there is also a thing where, you don't want to impose and be a burden, which is a good thing, and you also don't ever want to be imposed upon, or feel like you have to do something for someone. There is this distance which like I said can be great in some respects, but can just keep ppl in a hard, lonely, depressing place with no contact/ understanding from those around them. I imagine that was a part of what this family went through. Like I said, no idea about financial/ phys support from gov, but human, talking support from those around them, (as well as any financial or occasional physical support) was probably very to very very low.

Also of course we don't know any specifics on the degree of disability and the strength of the aging healthy bro.

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