Three gang members arrested for killing man in Ibaraki


Police on Monday arrested three gang members for killing a 31-year-old man in Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Jan 13.

Masahito Motono, 42, Yuchi Sunagami, 27, and Hiroyuki Adachi, 31, were arrested for allegedly beating Takao Enokido, 31, to death and then burying his body in the woods outside the city. According to police investigations, the suspects killed the victim after a pub quarrel. Enokido's father had reported him missing on Jan 15. The victim's body was found by police on Monday after the suspects admitted to the charge.

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what a bunch of ^%#%E$%D. rot in jail

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Perhaps the man did something to disrespect these people, dont be hasty to judge

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I agree, it's not like these 'gangsters' go around automatically beating to death 'innocent' civilians. Think about it, what happens in bars, people drink and people get into fights. All it takes is one little incident and it's game on. Maybe this guy said something to provoke them, not very smart in my opinion. After all, one doesn't go to a group of Hell's Angels in bar and disrespect them.

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what a save country!!!

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there is no excuse for 3 men beating another to death and burying him in the woods. wtf are you thinking??!

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grossly outnumbered....the porr soul did`nt have a fighting chance..besides, i guess they turned themselves in, they will do their time and move up in rank upon release.. and the clock continues turning.

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Crucades...I truly hope you're being sarcastic. Otherwise, what a truly pathetic statement you make.

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