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Car attacker says he kept foot on gas pedal while hitting crowd


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At least he was committed. And now he should be committed.

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I guess he wanted to follow his guru to afterlife.

Too bad no one died and the max he will get is a life in prison, meaning he will have to wait at least 5 decades to see his guru.

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Even if you were sentenced to life in prison, you would be able to get out after serving ten or so years if you were a model prisoner. Incidentally, Japan does not have “life“ imprisonment as they have in the US and other countries. Here convicts are sentenced to imprisonment for indefinite period of time,

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Jeez, good thing it was a little kei car and not an old Buick. I'm surprised they didn't need the Jaws of Life to get him out of it after.

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120 million people and this happens about once a year. people who say japan is not safe should visit Paris or Mosal.

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Another delusional loon.

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Another delusional loon.

Good thing he didn't have any "weapons" like a knife or worse.

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TheFu, as it says in the article he had a car and a primitive flame thrower.

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