Yusuke Matsuoka is taken from a police station in Tokyo on Sunday afternoon. Photo: KYODO

Nursery worker arrested over murder of female colleague


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RIP, he deserves the death sentence. I really think no man should work in such jobs around kids, imagined if he did something worse..

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Just saw him on TV being led away, some nasty scratches on his neck.

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"Just saw him on TV being led away, some nasty scratches on his neck." Good, sounds like the poor woman put up a good fight. I am sure there will be some DNA evidence underneath here nails, that will certainly be enough evidence for a prosecution/conviction.

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I am at a total loss for what could have been his motivation.

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Kenji, he deserves the death sentence. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Men are no more inclined to offend than women, so it is no more acceptable to preclude men from a particular employment than women.

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The police have confiscated from Matsuoka's home a black coat resembling one worn by the man in the video footage, they said. DNA found on items in the apartment also matched Matsuoka's DNA, police said. Matsuoka also had scratches on his neck.

Evidences are heavily against him, who is denying the allegation.

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Men are no more inclined to offend than women

@ englisc aspyrgend - Oh, What a nonsense. You need to read crime statistic more.

If found guilty, this man absolutely must be hung.

Rest in Peace to the innocent woman.

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I am not sure why are discussing men working around kids when no children were involved in this horrible crime.

That being said, I had some great male teachers growing up and I am a teacher myself, but I draw the line at teaching no younger than elementary school age in our after school program, for my own sanity. However, I have male a friend who is a day care teacher here and he has the perfect temperament for the job. He seems very normal and doesn't give me any weird vibes what so ever.

How awful this news must be for her family. RIP

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Kenji FujimoriToday  04:19 pm JST

RIP, he deserves the death sentence. I really think no man should work in such jobs around kids, imagined if he did something worse.

Wow what a sexist and stupid comment. I feel sorry for you with that backwards belief. Men and women are both capable of murder and commiting crime. How often do you see mother's on JT killing kids verses father's?


Now back on subject in regards to this article it was certainly premeditated murder with the way he went about getting in, if he truly is guilty.

If you take a life I believe you should loose your life if it's done this way.

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I really think no man should work in such jobs around kids

That's pretty sexist, don't you think? Especially in this day and age of high divorce rates leaving kids fatherless, I think kids need positive male influences as much as they can get.

Don't judge people solely on their gender.

Not to mention, such a murder (a man murdering a female coworker) can happen in any line of work -- a school, a bank, an office, a factory, whatever.

What this has to do with childcare jobs is beyond me.

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I feel so sorry for Ms Terui and her family. And for the little kids, who are at the facility because they can’t live with their families for various reasons. They include very vulnerable and already traumatized kids who have now lost two of their familiar caretakers at once.

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Yet another piece of crooked timber twisted by uncontrollable urges. Such a senseless killing should remind us that murder is a tragedy that befalls both the innocent victim and even the wretched perpetrator driven and harried by his terrifying demons. Revenge for taking a life is a powerful emotion, but lives ruined and the circle of suffering and grief will only be amplified by the application of the death penalty which can never give back the poor woman's life to her loved ones.

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A dysfunctional male. And when men commit crimes against women and children they tend to be more severe which explains some commenters concerns above. Too bad as this guy was good looking enough to meet a nice lady, but I reckon there were red flags in his past.

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Too bad he won’t be going to a real prison, like in the US.

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Too bad he won’t be going to a real prison, like in the US.

I have heard they are pretty harsh here, no heat and AC for starters. Pre-trial, I have heard they keep you awake to try and get you to confess and interrogate you for hours on end with no lawyer. That's the reason for the 99% conviction rate. In the US inmates have internet, can enjoy painting, lifting weights, get to go outside in the yard. Some prisons have a choir and put on plays. etc. Not sure they have that here. Anyway. I wouldn't want to be in either one. Yes, he will go to prison.

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A life for a life. Lock em up for 20 years, then let em swing.

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