Tokyo Olympic bid No. 2 official denies knowledge of probed payments


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Would anyone have expected him to say anything else ?

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under investigation by French prosecutors, have sent shockwaves through Japan,>

What we are supposed to think &.. do actually think are two different things

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The sad part is they are probably correct on one thing: without engaging in these shady transactions under the guise of consulting fees they probably couldn't have won the bid. The IOC is about as crooked as they come, second maybe only to FIFA.

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Everyday it seems like they're getting a little closer to a MAJOR scandal.

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No we didn't notice 2 million dollars leaving the accounts....

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So that is an interesting twist, there is an alleged payment, first denied by Japanese officials, then introduced as a normal agreement by the same officials and now totally denied again by the No2 of the body which has supposedly hired & pay the consulting firm.

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So, it was for "necessary consultation services", but top officials didn't know about it except when they got an analysis from the company, and they signed a legal contract for legal services, but just can't show us because it's "confidential" (they'll 'lose' it next week), and now they are launching their own private investigation?


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