Ex-ad agency chief admits guilt as Tokyo Olympic bribery trial opens


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Mori they ate coming for you, I hope.

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Are not ate

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Senior Olympic official Yasuo Mori, [...] arrested

There is only 1 man of the J-Gov involved.

The rest of members of the Olympic Committee are not involved?

1 man did all the embezzlement alone?

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I have always wondered if those proven to have accepted "bribes" are required to repay them. If not, they have no reason to change, and can enjoy their various retreats and villas.

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They admit guilt, but prosecutors just want the promotion points i.e. how much time they spent in court, so they will drag this “trial” for as long as they can. Basically arguing a no argument.

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I wonder if they have been held incommunicado in detention for months, as tends to happen to foreign executives accused of similar crimes...

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Well, if Sapporo is out? That’s a win in my book.

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I have heard from my friend who has associations with the IOC that Mr Bach is furious about this scandal sullying the good name of the Olympics. These crimes are infer only serious as the Olympics is the biggest even that brings the world together, united for a peaceful future for all.

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This should b the top news in Japan for the months to come as the investigation and trials continue. Not some losers being extradited from the Philippines!

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What they should be investigating is who without the bribes would get the contract. Then take all the bribes money and give to them as a reward to not criminalising the process.

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And the doo-doo just hit the fan on this one. I knew it would sooner or later.

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Some people I know have told me that in the next few days we will see much bigger headlines related to this scandal.

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